Final Words from Linda Moore’s Attorney – Part 6

So much paperwork accompanies a court case. Here Attorney John Nelson, Grafton Supervisor Linda Moore and her husband David leave the McHenry County Courthouse.

Hiring and firing is the topic of Linda Moore Attorney John Nelson’s sixth section.

“It must be noted that a board of trustees of any township cannot set any conditions on benefits or work rules unless the township employees five or more employees, with Grafton Township clearly does not do.

“The legal principle was confirmed by the Office of the Attorney General in 1997 OP Atty. Gen. No 97-007.

“There is nothing in the statute or the law that provides that an employee, and member therefore of the executive branch is employed by and subject to the direction of the board of trustees.

“By any measure – even Wikapedia – the CEO is the highest ranking executive officer or administrator in charge of the total management of an organization.”

More tomorrow.


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