National Sheriff’s Association Supports Criminal Alien Enforcement Programs

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McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren

Considering people in most counties voted Republican, I guess it’s not much of a surprise that the National Sheriffs’ Association passed a resolution in favor of ridding their jurisdictions of illegal aliens who are criminals.

The end of June, at which time McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren was about to complete his department’s third month in the program, the following resolution in favor of the ICE Secure Communities program, was passed in San Diego.

During April, May and June, Nygren process 116 criminal illegal aliens through the McHenry County Jail.


WHEREAS, U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has implemented Secure Communities and 287(g) Delegation of Authority among the portfolio of enforcement programs to accurately and efficiently identify and remove criminal aliens from the United States;

WHEREAS, sheriffs generally serve as chief law enforcement officers sworn to uphold public safety with integrity and protect its communities, resulting in the support of prioritizing high risk criminal alien enforcement;

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WHEREAS, Secure Communities, through improved technology, continual data analysis, and timely information sharing with a broad range of law enforcement agency partners, helps protect communities across the country at no cost to the sheriff’s office;

WHEREAS, Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 287(g), authorizes state and local law enforcement agencies (LEA) to enter into a partnership with ICE, under a joint Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), to receive delegated authority for immigration enforcement in their jurisdictions through technical equipment and personnel, comprehensive federal immigration law training, and on-the-job technical instruction, under ICE supervision;

WHEREAS, Secure Communities and 287(g) programs complement each other by utilizing biometric and biographic data to detect criminal aliens to ensure both an ICE officer presence and technological advances are used in tandem, supplementing each other;

WHEREAS, both programs are considered force multipliers toward a common law enforcement goal of identifying, detaining, and removing high-risk criminals for the safety of communities across the country;

WHEREAS, while these programs promote and enhance information sharing among federal, state and local law enforcement to quickly and accurately identify criminal aliens, ICE retains the responsibility of enforcing U.S. immigration laws and taking appropriate action;

WHEREAS, both Secure Communities and 287(g) promote consistency ensuring that state and local law enforcement partners have access to pertinent DHS records that are critical to the safety of, and enforcement of laws that protect the citizens we are sworn to serve; National Sheriffs’ Association 2010 Resolutions

WHEREAS, both Secure Communities and 287(g) programs are committed to upholding civil rights and civil liberties and have safeguards in place to protect against racial or ethnic profiling;

NOW, BE IT RESOLVED, the National Sheriffs’ Association supports ICE’s programs to effectively and accurately identify and remove criminal aliens from the U.S.;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the National Sheriffs’ Association reaffirms its support for ICE’s collaboration with federal, state, tribal, and local law enforcement to help protect our communities and nation.

Adopted at a Meeting of the General Membership in Anaheim, CA on June 29, 2010.


National Sheriff’s Association Supports Criminal Alien Enforcement Programs — 8 Comments

  1. I’ll bet Sheriff Joe from Az was the first to sign this, even tho he already does what it says. Locking up criminals, illegal or not, is a sheriff’s department job. Removing the illegals is a great by-product.
    Republicans are the only people who do not want illegals in the US? If you follow Cal’s logic, it’s amazing that a Democrate won anything in the last election. Only republicans want to follow the law when it comes to illegals and law breakers? Even some of my democratic friends wouldn’t agree with that one, including my rabid democrate brother.

  2. Remember what the large demonstration in Waukegan was about and who was in it?

  3. AZ You need to stop Stereo typing people because you really don’t want to go there. When you live in a glass house you don’t throw stones.

  4. It was against the Waukegan city council’s wanting to deport illegals who had been convicted of a crime.

  5. Thanks Cal-must have missed it. Jeff, I’m not trying to sterotype anyone-in the first sentence, it SOUNDED like the only reason this passed was because Rebs voted for it-my point was that there had to be some Dems who agreed with it, i.e. NOT a Dem or Reb problem, but a country-wide problem of Illegal Criminals. In three months, MCSO processed 116 illegal criminals through the jail-what ICE did with them afterwards is what the statement supported, correct?

  6. Well just to make an observation not all illegals are hispanic and if we are going to deport all of them than we need to go after the others too. I know there is a problem with criminals coming from mexico. But not everyone is a criminal If we are going to start sending them back, then we have to be equal about it. I know that there are those here in McHenry County that are from other countries illegaly also. I believe there is a easier way to check for criminals than sending all of them back. We need to check references and be thorough when checking and those who aren’t criminals should be allowed to apply for citizenship. We should first stop and think about how this can be done without breaking up families. We can still be civil about it.

  7. Couldn’t agree more Jeff- there was nothing in the article about all the illegals being Mexican-the jail also has several Chinese and other Asian detainees, and other nationals, as evident by the HW Herald Article about the Chinese exchange people visiting the jail.
    I guess in my opinion, criminals are criminals, no matter where they come from, including the USA.
    ” I believe there is an esier way to check for criminals than sending them all back”-I think that if they are in contact with police for any reason, and they end up in jail for rights court, or any other court, that’s when ICE is notified to see if they are to be deported. I don’t think that the jail is the one who sends illegals of any nation back-that’s ICE’s job, which is what Arizona is trying to get ICE to do, and that would be their job.

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