Final Words from Linda Moore’s Attorney – Part 7

Linda Moore

After the six sections on ten pages of Linda Moore’s separation of powers suit against the Grafton Township Trustees and their primary Ancel Glink attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer, Moore’s attorney John Nelson sums up the case:

“Supervisor Moore and her counsel are second to none in their admiration for the current township attorney’s efforts to shoehorn these disgruntled angry folks into a position of executive control

“This Court, however, cannot and must not depart from over a century of settled law.

“Supervisor Moore was duly elected Supervisor of Grafton Township.

“Her renegade board of trustees must be slowed down and put in their proper legal place.

“Supervisor Moore acknowledges that any vote on the board may well go against her.

“However, once this Court reigns in the Defendants, perhaps Grafton Township will no longer be the embarrassment of McHenry County.”

That’s it.

Now, Moore, her attorney and supporters await Judge Michael Caldwell’s decision.


Final Words from Linda Moore’s Attorney – Part 7 — 6 Comments

  1. Grafton Township will continue to be an embarrassment to everyone until Linda Moore is removed from the office of Supervisor.

  2. “Now, Moore, her attorney and supporters”

    Supporters?? Funny!!

    Betcha Moore doesn’t have as many “supporters” as she once did. More and more people are realizing what a sham she is. She is a dispicable human being and needs, at the very least, to be removed from office.

    I, for one, cannot wait until this nightmare is OVER!!!!!

  3. who are you to JUDGE another as dispicable with regard to being HUMAN? That is God’s place alone…are you beyond redemption? Is this you who are the one who shall cast the first stone? Shall it be at Linda or at you Catty?

  4. Sorry but the “Final Words” won’t come from Linda Moore’s attorney. They’ll come from the voters.

  5. @ Jeffthorsen .. Really???

    I’m not judging anything or anyone. Linda Moore’s track record is speaking volumes.

    Dispicable … Leaving senior citizens in the cold last winter while waiting for a bus that doesn’t show up.

    Dispicable … Stealing information from the township’s computer.

    Dispicable … Not serving the people of the township by denying more GA/EA claims than she approves.

    Dispicable … Taking mail that does not belong to her.

    Dispicable … Not paying bills that she was instructed to pay.

    Should I go on????

    BTW .. It’s Caddy, not Catty.

  6. Unfortunately everyone looses in this matter.

    Good news is no borrowing money to build a $3,000,000 town hall. The road district should sell the land already purchased for $700,000 to help pay for the almost $200,000 in attorney fees.

    I think the voters forget its us, the taxpayers, who are paying for all this infighting. Imagine the lost productivity and waste of employee wages that also goes out the window when operating in this fashion.

    Shame on this board of trustees….

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