Nygren Locks Up 42 Criminal Illegals in July

Day room at the McHenry County Jail

The number of people turned over to ICE by Keith Nygren’s McHenry County Sheriff’s Department during July was forty-two.

That’s forty-two more criminals off the street.

Nygren entered the Homeland Security Department’s Secure Communities program, along with other collar county sheriffs not already participating, as of April, 2010.

Here’s the score card since then of illegal aliens with criminal backgrounds who have been detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement people:

  • April:  41
  • May:  41
  • June:  34
  • July: 42

158 in all.

If I were sheriff, I’d be bragging about this.


Nygren Locks Up 42 Criminal Illegals in July — 4 Comments

  1. I agree- but ANY sheriff should not brag about doing his job-just do it

  2. Could it be that this may hurt the effort to garner the Hispanic vote?

  3. Picking up illegal aliens with criminal records also includes picking up LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who may have broken the law (in some cases many years ago) and ALREADY have paid the price for it and have been living a productive life since…….until the “brave” ICE man comes in the dead of night (like a thief)and bolsters the “brave” Sheriff’s arrest record by ripping asunder another family….that’s really worth bragging about!

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