An Interesting Approach to TEA Party Reporting

Kristen McQueary of the Daily Southtown has taken an approach to covering the TEA Party movement that I have not seen before.

She took a bus ride with the true believers from Oak Lawn in the South Suburbs to Downtown Chicago to U.S. Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias’ fund raiser. Wasn’t that the one that President Barack Obama attended?

The small (her word) group with whom she journeyed call themselves the Chicago Tea Party Patriots.

She wanted to know

“Where was the Tea Party during George W. Bush or Bill Clinton? Where have they been during decades of over-spending in Springfield?”

“Asleep at the switch,” said Oak Forest nurse Iris Huisenga.

Lots of other answers and observations to McQueary’s honest questions.

Honest questions. Honest reporting.

Read the rest.

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