Crystal Lake’s Job

The oldest book in the Bible is said to be Job.

Job is a faithful servant of God.

The Devil cuts a deal with God to allow him to do anything in order pry Job away from God.

God is so confident in Job’s faithfulness that he allows the test.

Everything is taken from Job.

His family, his riches, his reputation.

Last Sunday, the Chicago Sun-Times featured the Lakemoor tragedy of Thomas Burleson as its front page story.

The front page of the Chicago Sun-Times, August 8, 2010.

The words of the Centegra emergency room doctor to him start the story:

I’m Sorry,
Your Family
Has Been Killed

That was August 21, 1999, the day that a drunk McHenry man named Walter Depner, drove across the median strip on Route 120 and totaled not only Burleson’s Volkswagen Microbus, but his life.

Although the Burleson family attended our First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake, I think they went to an earlier service.

I read about the tragedy, of course, but didn’t make a person connection until I heard him give a practice Walk to Emmaus talk in our Wesley Hall. I was on the team, but can’t remember my role.

I sensed Burleson had given the talk or one similar to it before, because he made it through better than I made it through Chicago Sun-Times reporter Stefano Exposito’s story last week.

Not having touched base with Burleson recently, I don’t know if he has carried through on his seminary studies, but it is clear that God has blessed him with a new family and continued supportive friends.

He undoubtedly would object to my comparing him to Job, but I think it is something of a fit.

But, the last sentence of the story, concerning endurance, are

“I think I’m more joyful than happy.”

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If you are interested in more information on attending a Walk to Emmaus weekend, just drop me an email. The next one is the weekend after the election.

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