Huntley Board Member Says Tea Party Attracts People who Want to Throw Molotov Cocktails

Kim Skaja, a Huntley District 158 School Board member apparently thinks the Tea Party attracts people who want to throw Molotov cocktails.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

So here’s her post from the Huntley Neighbors’ blog.

She was responding to former board President Shawn Green.

Kim 08-16-2010 06:01 AM

Kim Skaja

Shawn, be fair. He didn’t refuse to speak to you face to face; he is reluctant to attend the meeting with a room filled with angry people. There are a lot of crazy people in the world. A local person told a friend of mine we should all throw molotov cocktails at federal buildings and “take back our government.” Those are not your views and I do not believe your party advocates those views; however it does attract people with those views.

Pam Fender, Huntley village trustee, whose day job as Grafton Township Administrator has been put in jeopardy by the separation of powers court case awaiting decision, added this to the thread:

pam 08-16-2010 06:13 AM

Remember Shawn has a great advantage- he carries a gun.

Fender neglects to mention that Green is able to carry a gun since he is employed by the Schaumburg police.

Both Skaja and Fender are anti-Tea Party, favoring big government and all of the liberal spending that goes with it. They both are certifiable tax increase advocates.

There is desperation in the political air when Skaja and Fender as elected officials in Huntley are writing about throwing “Molotov cocktails” and carrying a gun to scare off people from attending a Huntley Tea Party meeting.

Skaja and Fender fear conservatives organizing politically as the unions in Illinois already are.

What has Skaja’s and Fender’s bloomers in a knot?

It started with this message post:

Huntley Tea Party – Town Hall Meeting

Huntley Town Hall Meeting

Monday August 23, 2010 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Cosman Cultural Center, Huntley, Illinois (map) Be part of the next big Tea Party Event. Your opportunity to meet state and local legislators and candidates. Ask questions. Find out their views on important issues. Be a better informed voter. Be part of this important exchange of ideas.

Maybe Skaja can tell us when the last Molotov cocktail was thrown at a political event in Illinois “to meet state and local legislators and candidates.”

I would say there’s about zero chance elected official Skaja filed a report with the F.B.I. or Huntley police about someone trying to incite someone else to throw Molotov cocktails at Federal buildings.  Such a threat would be a serious crime, maybe even a felony.  It might even be a crime not report such a felony.

Of course Skaja, as a school board member, would report a felony if she learned of one, right?


Huntley Board Member Says Tea Party Attracts People who Want to Throw Molotov Cocktails — 16 Comments

  1. I have attended several Tea Party’s and never saw a cocktail of ANY kind.

  2. no bloomers either! I think they wear Thongs! Come on Cal, get “Hip!”

  3. Funny how you fail to “report” all the news. Seems like you missed a fabulous story that FEN covered about Ms. Moore and how lawyers for the post office have had to be brought in to sort out the mail issues between her and Bill Ottley.

    Weird how you’ve omitted that but selectively chose specific comments made on a community website in a thread that is pages and pages long. Completely taken out of context.

    Great “reporting” Cal.

  4. You have to admit it’s funny that someone who is critical of tea party supporters and would seem to lean to the liberal/socialism side of things would want to bring “molotov” cocktails into the argument. Strikes me as historically ironic…Wonder if she even realizes that the Molotov cocktail was a weapon of choice of the original “spread the wealth” crowd.

  5. Of course reading Skaja’s comments it would be useless to point out the irony in her statement. Funnier even is the reality that there are clear examples of liberal anti war protesters in the last decade of using molotov cocktails but not a single example of on used at a tea party rally. If someone wants to speak to actual fact instead of rhetoric perhaps it would be more factually accurate to say the Democratic party attracts these type of people based on actual actions. Off course to label a whole party by the actions of a few would be silly…off course not as silly as this local official who is labeling and demonizing a whole group by actions that have not even happened.

  6. Cal Interview me. I started it. But here are some cliff notes if you do:

    What is the TEA Party

    What is Article 1?

    What is the first amendment?

    Do Tea Party Candidates support Public Education?

    What would Tea Party Candidates do now, if the push to privatize social security had been adopted?

    Do you think the unemployed are lazy?

    If you receive Social Security or Veteran’s Benefits, will you write a check back to the feds?

    If you are on Medicare, will you write a check back to the feds?

  7. Tim- the great thing is you don’t need some engraved invitation to have your say here. Cal, is very fair and kind in letting you have your say in his comments session here even though this is his privately owned blog. I have agreed with him on some issues and disagreed with him on others but he always allows differing opinions to be posted.

    Just cracks me up that people would post that he is not fair in allowing differing opinions…if you have an opinion…ummm…just go ahead and say it. He certainly has no obligation to let anyone post, but he has always seemed more than fair.

  8. In fact I have to say Cal’s willingness to allow differing posts in his comments sessions is one of the main reasons I come to read what he has to say on a regular basis. You don’t have to always agree with someone to respect what they bring to the public discourse and even when I disagree with Cal I respect his tolerance of differing view points here.

  9. Shame on you Cal! You have taken the comments written by Kim Skaja and Pam Fender and twisted them to be SO out of context. Your blog is becoming McHenry County’s version of “The Nation Enquirer.” Hopefully readers of your blog will see the mean spirit that you have become.

  10. While Skaja’s comment may reveal her own political bias, it hardly incites violence. She is entitled to her opinion and is not bound by laws of neutrality. Her credibility is not challenged by her right to disagree with you.

    Further, I hardly think the FBI would appreciate a tip about “a local person” who “told a friend” of hers this story, and I also think that as threats go, this one is fairly vague. Your coverage of this quote is more than a little alarmist.

    In the future, as an interested reader, I would like to see more legitimate analysis of community news. Content like this is not useful. Remember: only very small-minded people are interested in rumors and gossip. Get your information from a primary source. If, as you claim, officials like Skaja and Fender favor big government and “fear” conservative gatherings, perhaps they will say so in an interview with you.

    Please stop pouncing on sound bytes, take yourself seriously as a journalist, and write about something relevant to the community.

  11. I have been involved with the TEA Party Patriots since March of 09 – I have attended several rallies not only through out the entire state of Illinois but two in DC. The only cocktails that I have ever seen or heard of are a few beers we had in DC after leaving the Capital’s grounds “cleaning than we found them”.

    It really gets my goat that the we have been painted everything from terrorists to Tin-foil hat wearing whack-jobs. Our beliefs in following the constitution, lowering taxes and leaving free enterprise alone has never quite sunk in to these tax & spend progressives. I guess, they’d like us to just open or wallets and bow every time they pass.

    I have news for them…..elections are the weapons we use – not guns or Molotov cocktails. I guess its a good sign that the only way they can deal with us…IS LYING! Guess we scare them now that we are awake. They better get use to it…..LOL because we aren’t going anywhere but the polls for a long time to come.

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