Inmate “Revolving Door” Issue Makes Chicago Tribune Editorial Cartoon

As soon as it was revealed that Governor Pat Quinn had let criminals out on the street, I thought of the revolving door television ad that ran when Michael Dukakis ran against the first George Bush.

The issue was sure to pop up again with Quinn’s early release program.

Letter criminals out early is an invitation to continuing stories.

And ads.

We saw a story this week when Republican Bill Brady called for the ousting of the Corrections Department Director who released the inmates.

Now, Chicago Tribune editorial cartoonist has entered the fray.

He shows a ferocious hooded criminal aiming a gun right at the reader.

The bad guy is wearing a “Quinn ’10” button. A tattoo on his bulging shoulder says, “I (heart) 2 MAIM.”

He is saying, “I was released early…and I approve this message!”

The cartoon certainly supports Tribune policy to elect Brady governor.

And it does it well.

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