Correction Time re This Article about Citizen Oversight

This article is corrected and bumped up for visibility.

Mark Altmayer

I misread the minutes of the Financial Advisory Committee meeting of August 2nd. It was not Huntley School District 158 Chief Financial Officer Mark Altmayer whom the minutes say advocated abolishing the financial Advisory Committee.

My apologies to him for the misidentification.

It was tax hike advocate Michael Andre who is reported to have thought there was no further need for a citizens advisory group on financial affairs.

Here’s what the second draft of minutes from the August 2nd meeting says about the “FAC Role”:

Discussion from both committees took place.

Mr. Quagliano asked for the FAC to provide their role at this time.

Mr. Andre conveyed the District has a CFO (Mr. Altmayer) in place, and that the FAC may not be needed.

Mr. Andre stated the four options remaining for the FAC:

  1. work on various projects
  2. hibernation until needed
  3. dissolve
  4. other

Mr. Quagliano shared the importance that SD 158 residents stay involved, and conveyed the importance of keeping the FAC in tact. He further stated the FAC should work together as a committee to help determine their role, and their direction.

Mr. Troy reiterated with Mr. Quagliano and concurred.

Mr. Gentry entered at 7:15 p.m.

Mrs. Moore exited at 7:40 p.m.

Mr. Skala reiterated and concurred; adding whatever issues the FAC wants to delve into, it is okay for the community to stay involved.

Recommendation: Finance Committee to determine 3-5 items they would like FAC to work on. FZC to decide if they want to remain a sub-committee of the Finance Committee or expand to a broader citizen’s advisory committee, and reporting back in the next month or so to the Finance Committee.

= = = = =
Attending the meeting besides School Board members Tony Quagliano, Kevin Gentry, Mike Skala, Aileen Seedorf and Paul Troy were citizens Joe Lyons, Michael Andre, Ronda Goldman, Michael Laird, Lucinda Nelson, David Roeder, Rich Seiler, Linda Moore and Angela Sorejian.

This citizens advisory committee was the launching pad for both Quagliano and Larry Snow’s school board candidacies.


Correction Time re This Article about Citizen Oversight — 3 Comments

  1. You start with the assertion that Mr. Altmayer made some attempt to abolish the committee. You then proceed to provide details of the meeting that reflect no such attempt or even comment to that end by Mr. Altmayer. Mr. Altmayer is an adjunct member of the FAC. He does NOT set the agenda. The discussion was brought about by members of the FAC. There was no such effort on his part.

    I don’t know if this is an intentional deception or misdirection by either you or your source, just plain bad information or poor interpretation, but if the word false had degrees, the claim that Mr. Altmayer initiated the conversation would be extremely false. However, since true and false don’t really have ranges, this is just patently false.

  2. Cal,

    I appreciate the revision. Feel free to remove my comment if you wish as it is no longer relevant.


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