2010 Family PAC Cruise – Part 1

It was August 10th and we were off to the annual Family PAC cruise.

This CTA train was heading toward us.

As usual, I took pictures of Kennedy Expressway traffic and CTA trains.

And, once in Chicago, skyscrapers.

Pretty amazing the shots one can get from a car when one is not driving.

Having been the last people on the boat one year, we were determined not to be in that position again.

The boat was docked on the Chicago River near the elevated track.

This year we were first.

John O'Neill and Tom Morrison re-acquaint themselves. Dan Patlak is seen behind Morrison.

The first candidates to appear were state representative candidates Tom Morrison from Palatine and John O’Neill from McHenry.  Morrison seems to have driven in with Dan Patlak, who is running for the Cook County Board of (Tax) Appeals.

The guest of honor Jim DeMint talked with Maria Rodriguez before boarding time.

As the crowd gathered, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint talking to Maria Rodriguez, who ran an unsuccessful campaign for the 8th District GOP nod.

WIND's William Kelly interviews Cedra Crenshaw.

As I was working my way to the check-in table I saw a woman being interviewed whom I didn’t know.  Turns out it was the Joliet State Senate candidate whom the Will County Democrats threw off the ballot, causing continuing Fox TV news coverage because of her TEA Party credentials, her gender and her race.

Not the type of Republican that a Joliet Democrat would want to face in a state senate race.

Although I did not know it at the time WIND’s William Kelly was interviewing Illinois political media star Cedra Crenshaw.

Steve Baer, the conservative who ran against Jim Edgar for governor, talks with Dan Patlak, GOP candidate for the Cook County Board of (Tax) Review.

Next I found former gubernatorial candidate Steve Baer talking with Dan Patlak.

More tomorrow.

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