Garbage Picker Visits Sally Wiggins’ Driveway

Democratic Party activist Terry Kappel was spotted in Crystal Lake Thursday on Route 14 in front of Esseer Automotive.

Thursday, as I was driving to the Post Office, I noticed a political tee shirted Terry Kappel walking west on Route 14.

You know I had to ask him why he was so attired in Crystal Lake.

Was he going door-to-door for a Democratic Party candidate?

I drove around the block, stopped in a parking lot and asked him.

He was on the way to his chiropractor.

But, our encounter wasn’t a complete washout.

He was wearing the a 16th District “Gaulrapp for Congress” tee shirt with buttons and stickers.

He told me that Independent (that’s what will appear over her name on the ballot in her race against Republican Associate Judge Gordon Graham) judicial candidate Sally Wiggins had found someone going through her garbage.

Now, that was interesting.

I’ve heard of one party’s operatives going through the garbage of campaign offices locally, but never a home. Took me back to J. Edgar Hoover garbage gathering efforts I’d read about.

Wiggins showed up at McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s fund raiser last night.

She was working the crowd and even had a young man writing names and phone numbers in a spiral notebook.

I asked to speak with her and she shoehorned me in.

“Tell me about the garbage guy,” I said.

She told me that Saturday morning she saw a man going through the garbage in her can at the end of her driveway.

Besides promoting Don Manzullo's opponent, Terry Kappel had a sticker for Mike Mahon for Sheriff, a button proclaiming he had been with Barack Obama on election night, a Melissa Bead for Congress button and one saying, "Pro-Child, Pro-Family, Pro-Choice."

When she asked him what he was doing, he reply,

“I’m re-cycling.”

“Do you have a re-cycling can?” I asked.

Pro-Life leader Irene Napier was one of the people attending McHenry County State's Attorny Lou Bianchi's fund raiser with whom Indpendent candidate for 22nd Judicial District judge Sally Wiggins spoke.

She said she did, but

“He was in by regular garbage.”

Wasn’t it the Laugh-In Naze who said, “Ver-r-r-r-r-y in-ter-r-r-r-r-es-s-s-ting.”

“Ver-r-r-r-r-y in-ter-r-r-r-r-es-s-s-ting.”

It should be noted that Judge Graham is the one who named a special prosecutor at Bianchi’s GOP primary opponent Dan Regna’s request to investigate whether Bianchi used tax dollars for political purposes.

In related news, the hearing to decide whether a similar prosecutor should be named to investigate whether McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren used tax dollars for political purposes has been postponed. That effort was initiated by Nygren’s primary opponent Zane Seipler.


Garbage Picker Visits Sally Wiggins’ Driveway — 6 Comments

  1. Cal, I am missing the logic here. A stranger was picking through Sally Wiggins garbage, but it should be noted that Judge Graham is the one who named a special prosecutor to investigate Bianchi. What is your point? I do not see any connection between Wiggins garbage and Graham’s appointment of a special prosecutor.

  2. I guess the point it that Republican Judge Graham was not at Bianchi’s fund raiser but that Wiggins was.

    I have written previously about the split in the Republican Party and undoubtedly will again.

  3. Many Democrats, like myself, would welcome someone with the dedication, character and passion of Ms. Wiggins running under our party banner, but she intently refuses to join a political party, or to talk politics with any of us.

    Sally has never expressed anything different then that she strongly believes a Judge should be independent of politics, and not beholden to any group or individual for her election. Avoiding even the potential implication of an implied obligation to someone or someone’s interest, who might appear before her, whether they are of the Good Ole Boy network in McHenry County, or the Democrats who expect her to declare herself pro-choice, or explain her interpretation of other laws sufficiently liberal before she can expect their vote.

    I’m not sure if I wouldn’t prefer to have a mostly democratic bench (complete monopolies on power whether they be of either party, or a utility companies are not even good for those with the monopolies), but Sally Wiggins is strongly dedicated to her principles, and I respect someone whose views are sincere and rationally thought out (the latter qualification obviously counts you out much of the time Cal, but there’s always hope. – lol).

    I think there is value in having an Independent judiciary. And, even more value in having someone on the bench with the integrity to stand strong for her principles, even though she had to get almost 10 times the number of petition signatures to get on the ballot then a Democrat or Republican would have had to get. It sure would be nice to have at least part of the government out here that is not beholden to the Good Ole Boys who have largely been in charge of almost everything in this county, without effective media or political oversight since before god can remember. (Sorry, didn’t mean to reference Al Jourdan).

    Whether or not someone agrees or understands her steadfast determination to run as an Independent, so she can remain independent after the election I think people should at least respect her for her views enough to not try to label her with a title or views which are easier for political opponents to run against.

    Independence, upon occasion has been something you, Cal, have often boasted, and have often been respected for, even if they rational for your independent stances have not always been clear to most of us. Many of us who disagree with you on the issues, have respected your willingness to stand up and criticize those that just go along with the crowd their in, never questioning, for convenience sake.

    If you can be independent minded, and show your independence for principle’s sake, why would you not respect Judicial Circuit Candidate Sally Wiggins’ determination to be Independent? Is she too independent? Is it that anyone who is not in your Party is your Enemy? That’s hardly independent, and it’s really not respectful to her, or the voters of this county, who signed her petition, honoring her Independent principles. Perhaps it is rather that her argument about running as an Independent is so rational and obvious and is having too much success, so that your party cannot affectively run against it, so you have to make up a stereotyped candidate who is easier to run against?

    When I took a picture with Ms. Wiggins at the Wonder Lake Parade she omitted it from her Facebook candidate page because I was wearing a Bean Shirt. So, when I next caught her at the fair, I intentionally wore a non-political shirt the next day, and I took off my Democrat sticker for a photo, to honor her principles. And, to make her facebook page…we all have a touch of ego, right?

    I support her for the candidate she is, not for the candidate I’d wish her to be. An, Independent Judge is better than just one more Good Ole Boy Republican in my book.

    Given your interest in political memorabilia, I wanted to reference the Obama button I was wearing in the above picture. I’m very proud of it. It was produced by the Milwaukee Democratic Party for their election eve celebration in 08 at the Hilton hotel. The only time I’d ever attended an elaborate election celebration.
    An email from the Illinois Obama team hooked me (someone with no money, and no transportation), with up with another volunteer from Carol Stream heading up to Milwaukee for the Get Out The Vote, they also hooked me up with someone who lent me a couch to sleep on for the last four days of the campaign, and they offered to hook me up with a ride back, though I chose to find my own means home.

    Getting involved is fun. You get to meet people who share at least some common values with you, and who care enough to get their butts off the couch and stop complaining, why someone doesn’t do something about the problems in our country, and who remember that THEY ARE someone. (Paraphrasing Lily Tomlin).

    I encourage everyone, Democrat, Republican, Green Party, Tea Party, or worshipers of Hagen dais, to sign up for email lists, attend party meetings and volunteer even a few hours to the cause of making our town, country, state, nation and world a better place by getting involved, by educating yourself about the issues, speaking out, writing dear editor letters, knocking doors, stuffing envelopes, and joining the political process.

    If you don’t speak up for your interests, someone else who may not have your interest and certainly not your particular perspective will dominate the conversation. The best government is the one that reflects the interests of all its citizens. And, there is only one way to insure it does yours. By getting out and making it happen; by building a constituency to join you in your fight, one voter at a time.

    Early Voting starts Oct. 12, and registration can be done at local libraries, schools, local government offices, the County Clerk’s office, or you can contact the County Clerk’s office to find a deputy voter registrar in your neighborhood.

    Many people have fought and sacrificed, some paying the ultimate sacrifice to ensure we all have the opportunity to decide what policies our government pursues. The least we can do is to educate ourselves on the issues and the candidates and vote for one who most closely represents our interests.

    Once you’ve found a cause or a candidate who you really care about, then consider offering even a nominal amount of time and energy to the cause or candidate. It is a very rewarding way to feel yourself a part of working for something important. For someone who suffers from clinical depression, I have found volunteering for something you believe in, and networking with people who have a similar commitment, or even a converse but sincerely held, and respectfully expressed alternate perspective, to be therapeutic. I hope to see many of you out there as well, whether we are walking together or passing in pursuit of contrary objectives.

    Finally, I’d like to thank you for offering to take me the three blocks to my appointment at the Strelcheck chiropractic clinic (maybe a plug will get me a discount. lol). I would have taken the ride, but I have been warned about taking rides with friendly seeming Republicans with photographic equipment.

    Nice seeing you Cal.

  4. Kappel wake up from your pollyanna dream about Wiggins. She is Bianchi/Salgado payback for the Graham special prosecutor order. No more, no less.

  5. “Pro-Child, Pro-Family, Pro-Choice.” is like saying “Pro Daley, Pro Madigan, Pro Gun” You can’t be a pro-choice Catholic, you either are a Catholic or Pro-Choice. How about a a Satan loving Jew? Come on folks. It’s one thing to be human and therefore a bit hypocritical, but let’s not get pathological.

  6. Hey is that a six pointed star on the Mahan compaign button? Isn’t that the same number of stars on the Cook county Sheriffs badge? They look awful familiar.

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