Soar to Higher Heights Foundation Doesn’t Show Cary Grade School District 26 Any Money

"This is the Captain speaking," the announcement for Disney World's Soarin' ride says in a deep voice before giving instructions to those about to be taken on a ride on which they will have absolutely no control. Do you think his name was David? Was he married to a teacher?

Would you irreversibly agree to spend over 4 million dollars and in return people might show you they have $4 million that could pay for such spending?

I believe this is what is called a “Fool’s Proposal.”

You give and possibly you might get.

It’s no surprise that the recently formed foundation, Soar to Higher Heights Foundation, didn’t verify they had the money they talked about donating to District 26.

People are left hanging on Disney World's popular Soarin' attraction, which simulates wind surfacing in California, complete with the smell of orange trees. It's all virtual, of course. Nothing is real in what one sees and smells. Needless to say, there is a big let down when the ride is over.

August 19th came and went without any evidence the money actually exists and is controlled is by the Foundation.

Ex-School Board President and school teacher husband Dave Ruelle presented his first you-agree-to-all-our-terms proposal to the board in writing.

McHenry County Blog pointed this out while local paper(s) apparently chose to ignore this condition when they first reported the proposal.

There is a big difference between reporting on an unrealistic written proposal and how parents are coming up with a $4 million donation to save the district.

Ruelle’s written proposal smacked of unilateral unionism and it contained wording that can be used as an escape hatch to stop making payments.

Even verification risks how an outside entity could make a deposit, to be used for verification purposes and then have it withdrawn without disclosure to Cary 26.

Who thinks a school board is so foolish to agree to the group’s agree-first terms? Apparently Dave Ruelle does. It symbolizes how Ruelle went about directing the district as Board President – keep on agreeing to higher teacher salaries and benefits without knowing how to pay for it. Ruelle’s wife is a Cary 26 teacher. Anyone see how this was a conflict of interest or a self-interest in common sense terms?

You might think that reporters and editors of newspapers would pay attention to what was actually proposed in writing before jumping on a rainbow and wagging-tail-puppy bandwagon about parents donating 4 million dollars.

The message on a Cary Edcuation Association tee shirt.

If my son reads this column he might propose to his teachers this year if they first agree to give him an A grade, he will then promise to study really hard.

It will interesting if people end up about talking about this group in a context of soaring to higher heights of stupidity.

The “Together” in Cary’s teachers union T E A M tee-shirt, includes a lot less teachers because a majority of teachers wouldn’t agree to a pay freeze in order to save lots of jobs.

They threw some of their fellow educators under the you’re-out-of-a-job school bus while it motored into this school year.

The union is there for you until the union votes to not help its fellow teachers. Maybe the teachers who were laid off were sent a video of the movie “Wall Street.” where Michael Douglas proclaims

“Greed is good.”

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