Thomas the Tank Engine at Union This Weekend

There is a personal relationship between Thomas and little tykes.

The Illinois Railroad Museum continues its profitable (at least I hope it makes a lot of money) tradition of bringing Thomas the Tank Engine to its Union railroad tracks.

Thomas' appearance is real kid pleaser.

Thomas, who has a personality all of his own, as do all of the trains and other mechanical characters in the toy train set, is a tremendous child pleaser.

"More track. We need more track," was what Dad always said.

I can’t tell you how many different train tracks have covered our floor since my son got into it.

This three-year old can get on board "all by myself," thank you.

My son has now outgrown Thomas, but our four-year old grand-nephew loves him and his roundhouse fellows.

"I don't have to imagine anymore."

The price is $18 for all over two years old.

"So this is what the inside of a passenger car looks like."

Details are here.

The link says the parking lot opens at 7:30 AM, but the gates don’t open until 9. There must be a real demand for the implicit suggestion that one should arrive really early if you want to get on the twenty minute ride.

When I was county treasurer, the executive of the organization spotted tracks with unpaid taxes. I guided him through the process of paying the back taxes. I’m pretty sure perfecting the title for the right-of-way that some company didn’t think useful is how the museum obtained the land people will be riding on this weekend.

Sir Tophand Hatt must seem so big to pre-schoolers.

Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Thomas and Sir Tophand Hatt entertained children as well.

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