2010 Family PAC Cruise – Part 3

When we left my Family PAC cruise experience yesterday, I hadn’t even gotten on the boat.

I saw Cook County Commissioner Liz Gorman talking to someone on the pier.

Cook County Commissioner Liz Gorman

Sandy Rios isn’t a politician, but since she is well-known and has attended so many Family PAC cruises, I include her photo, too.

Sandy Rios

Pro-Life Action League Founder Joe Scheidler and Sandy Rios had a heart-to-heart talk.

Sandy Rios talks with Joe Scheidler.

Finally, I made it on board.

Maria Rodriguez and Bill Brady hold a spirited conversation on board while 32nd Ward Republican Committeeman observes.

It’s a good thing gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady stayed for the cruise, because a lot of people wanted to talk with him.

State Senators Bill Brady and Randy Hultgren talk before the boat left the dock. Compare the tans. Who do you think has knocked on more doors?

Paul Caprio talked to State Senator Kirk Dillard prior to Dillard’s introduction of the man who barely beat him for the Republican Party nomination for governor.

Family PAC Executive Director Paul Caprio and State Senator Kirk Dillard conversed as, in the background, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint talked to State Rep. candidate Tom Morrison.

After the introduction, Brady addressed the crowd.

2010 Republican Party nominee for govenor Bill Brady gave an upbeat message to those on the Family PAC cruise.

Who else did I see?

Dan Sugrue, candidate for state representative in a Lake County district with an appointed incumbent.

Dan Sugrue, candidate for state rep., poses with former State Rep. Penny Pullen.

More tomorrow.

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