Sign Effort for Mike Mahon Kicks into Gear

Mike Mahon and volunteer post a sign.

Mike Mahon was busy at work putting signs up throughout the county Saturday. They weren’t going in the public rights-of-way. They were being put on donor’s private properties, the campaign says.

Earlier this week the McHenry County Highway Department took down four Mahon signs, believing they were in violation of local rules.

A Mahon campaign contact reported it had

“been graciously loaned hundreds of the latest and most compact outdoor infra-red and night vision capable motion activated video and still photo recorders, which instantly send any new data to the campaign’s servers and cell phones, they were immediately aware of the fact that the signs had been removed.

“Once the Highway Department was contacted, they realized the signs should not have been taken down and the signs were returned immediately and are already re-posted.”

Sounds like stealing campaign signs might have a penalty in this Democrat’s campaign.

I can’t wait for the first infrared video.


Sign Effort for Mike Mahon Kicks into Gear — 19 Comments

  1. Please don’t hold your breath waiting for it, Cal (the infrared or NV video) First off, no one would bother taking down his signs. He’s not a threat to anyone as everyone will realize on November 3rd. Secondly, his mysterious benefactor should have loaned him the several hundred thousand dollars represented by his IMAGINARY high-tech night vision sooper snooper. Allow me to be the first to call “El Toro Poo Poo!” on this one.

    Why doesn’t the article posted mention that the wrought iron fence that he’s standing in front of, is only five feet high?

  2. Such a non-threat that Nygren’s camp made the actual call to the HWY Dept to have Mahon’s signs removed. Such a non-threat that Nygren removed Mahon’s signs from private property during the primaries, and replaced them with his own, without approval from the property owners. Then he personally bullied property owners for taking down the Nygren signs.

    Voters are sick and tired of our current non-sheriff. It is time for him to spend the next 4 years vacation, unpaid.

  3. Calzone,

    Where are those pics you keep promising of Ron Salgado, leading Mahon around the room at Bianchi’s fundraiser. Sandra Salgado (a Republican County Board member) related to Ron Salgado who managed the campaign of Tom Sanders when he unsuccessfully ran against Keith Nygren in the GOP primary for sheriff.

  4. These new motion activated videos systems with night capabilities are not expensive anylonger. Many deer hunters now deploy these latest, very reasonably priced camera/video system and they provide excellent clarity.

    They are very small and easily hidden…………..! So, a “BIG Fella” can’t sneak up and steel things anymore.

    “Smile, Yo *SS has been busted!”

    “Hey ‘Mo,’ how much ‘Doe’ does a ‘deer’ have…? “I don’t know ‘Mo’ states.” “Two Bucks!!” Say Larry!!! YAYAYA!!

  5. Bi-C, but he’s not saying he’s using deer cameras, he’s saying… ““been graciously loaned hundreds of the latest and most compact outdoor infra-red and night vision capable motion activated video and still photo recorders, which instantly send any new data to the campaign’s servers and cell phones.”

    I have a game camera – a good one. I paid about $150 for it. The only thing the infrared does is trigger it. It doesn’t have night vision and it doesn’t transmit anything, not even an alarm, to a computer or cell phone. So if he’s talking hundreds (plural) of deer cameras, then we’re only talking maybe $25k-$30k which undoubtedly will be reported on his campaign disclosure forms as an “in kind” contribution. If he has what he claims – and that still appears to be just so much B.S. as TASE suggests, I’d be willing to bet the cost per unit would be closer to $250k. Nope, gotta agree to disagree. Somebody is “whistling past the cemetery.”

  6. Perhaps you are correct “Just”

    IM sure you have a good camera, a good one… for $150.00 so for $250,000.00 I can only imagine what a guy could get. IM just thinking of some ‘possibilities’ that’s all. Not looking to disagree… thanks.

    See the “Big Fella” IM talking about…”Bait them and they will come!”

  7. Looking forward to seeing the campaign disclosure on these “hundreds” of camera’s. Should be awfully interesting to see what the cost claimed and who is donating their use. If they exist at all….

  8. Mahan is a joke. He is a Crook County Democrat who paid thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to his boss to “earn” his promotions. No thanks!

  9. I really don’t like seeing campaign signs on the public right of way but, as they say, “everybody does it.” What really frosts me is when some politician proclaims publicly that he is above stuff like that and then goes right ahead and does it. Do they think we are all fools? I just traveled up to Lake Geneva this morning on just south of Hebron on IL Route 47 were two large Mahon signs (like in the picture above) prominently displayed ON THE STATE RIGHT OF WAY. If Mahon didn’t put them there himself, he had better get his people in line. Maybe he could have them carry one of those super secret cameras with them. That way he could be instantly alerted when his campaign volunteers make him look foolish or untruthful.

  10. It does strike me as interesting that Mahan has gone on rants and attacked Sheriff Deputies for donating to the Sheriffs campaign. He has even attacked the practice to the point of apparently promising at his web site to never take such money…

    Yet Mahan has donated thousands of political campaign dollars to his boss and apparently still shows a current Deputies political donation into his political fund. Makes you also wonder when he condemns sheriff employees for making contributions if he is returning any money spent by the 1 or 2 deputies he has apparently has had at his fundraisers?

  11. Ive been waiting for the Nygren do as I’m told guy’s to start flinging there twisted facts. I’m sure they don’t understand the difference between giving and taking. Mike said he won’t TAKE donations from his employees unlike the present gimme what you got sheriff.

    Oh and by the way sheriff Dart doesn’t take contributions from his employees. And yes some before his current boss did. But when you spend 23 years in law enforcement you will see different policies from different sheriffs.

    Believe it or not guy’s there are some bosses out there willing to promote you on your abilities and not your donations. But I guess you guy’s with less than 12 years wouldn’t know that.

  12. So Mahon and his cook county gang think that he should be able to give thousands of dollars to the guy who was Sheriff when he was promoted but wants to condemn McHenry County Deputies who want to donate a couple hundred bucks to someone they want to support? What a complete and utter hypocrite.

  13. But Pat, as an employee, Mahon was more than willing to give $5000 dollars to his boss, then Sheriff Meahan, who promoted him, Check out former Cook County Sheriff Meahan’s D-2s at the State Board of Elections website to see Mahon’s political contributions. (Dart has only been Sheriff for 2 years becoming sheriff when Meahan retired…do your homework, Pat) So, Mahon paid to play in Crook County, but promises no pay to play in McHenry County. Illinois is nationally recognized as America’s political cess pool because of Crook County Dems….no thanks!

  14. Oh earth daddy you still don’t know who the sheriff was before sheriff Dart. Mike’s promotion was the result of passing the testing procedure. He wasn’t just given his rank on a whim. And this is sheriff Dart’s second campaign so he has been sheriff for 4 years not 2.
    Let’s get real a county as large as Cook is watched very carefully by the feds, unlike Mchenry where the judges and the sheriff are good old boy friends. It’s time to clean up Dodge, and and get into the 21st century. In nygren’s office promotions come when the sheriff likes you. And if he doesn’t like you, its Kate bar the door.

  15. Pat,

    Did Mahan not give over $5000.- to Sheriff Meahan’s campaign while they were both employed by Crook County? Maybe this is the way to actually get you to answer a question???

  16. Patrick, your spin to excuse Mahons double standard on campaign contributions is a perfect example of the crook county political excuse making that brings the like of Blago to the Governor mansion. Always amazes me the lemmings in this state that will not only turn a blind eye to hypocrites but will actually defend them.

  17. Proracer I can honestly say NO to your question. Why, because there never was a sheriff named Meahan in Cook County. You need to go back and look up the sheriff’s right name. Then I’ll once again give you a yes or no answer to your question. You tend to loose credibility when you don’t have the proper information.

    RUKidding what hypocrisy are you talking about. On one hand Mike made a donation on the other he said he WILL NOT take a donation. There is no blind eye. I get you don’t understand the difference but that’s no reason to throw Sunday words, like hypocrites, around on a Tuesday. Be careful you’ll run out of Sunday word to quickly.

    The hypocrisy is nygrens “posse plates”, his spending most of his time out of state, his paying deputies overtime to work political parades, his top heavy salaries, his treatment of officers who don’t play his game properly, his ordering of his political opponents signs be taken down, even when there on private property.

    As far as political crooks go, even though Blogo is nuts, he was only convicted of lying to the FBI (better hope nygren doesn’t have to talk to them) I do believe the last republican Governor we had is sitting in prison right now, for HIS pay to play politics. Need a CDL. I wonder how mr. nygren looks in orange.

  18. So Patrick…Your basic stance on Deputies giving donations to a Sheriff campaign is that it is wrong…UNLESS it is Mahon giving donations to his Sheriff or Mahon taking in money from current Deputies? So basically you are saying that such donations are only wrong when given to Nygren??? And you point the finger of hypocrisy at others?

    I really think you need to understand the word “hypocrisy” a bit better…It describes when a guy like Mahon rails against a behavior yet involves himself in it. Whether it be Deputies donations to Sheriff campaign, Driving while intoxicated, being a Sheriff employees with a suspended license, bullying a coworker….

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