2010 Family PAC Cruise – Part 4

We’re on board now for the Family PAC cruise.

Before we left the dock, I was downstairs getting a Diet Coke.

Husband Derrick Crenshaw accompanied his candidate wife Cedra on the cruise.  Here they are talking to Michael Carbone.

That’s when I figured out that Fox TV media star Cedra Crenshaw was on board.

I didn’t figure it out from her name.  Her tag had a district number on it, which, to me, meant nothing.  I asked where her district was and she mentioned Bollingbrook and another town on I-55.  It wasn’t until she

Richard Hamen is running against Elaine Nerkritz.said Joliet was in her district that I figured out her celebrity status.

Needless to say, she will need money to stand a chance. She probably needs money to pay off the attorneys who got her on the ballot when two Will County Democratic office holders knocked her off for partisan reasons.

You can contribute on her web site.  I hope she follows my suggestion and starts handing out envelopes at events like this.

Another candidate I met below decks was Richard Hamen.

His campaign handout has a broom with the slogan,

“Let’s Clean House!”

Richard Hamon talks with Wheeling Township's Lisa Smith and former State Rep. Penny Pullen.

How reminiscent of House Speaker Mike Madigan’s Illinois State Fair Talk in 2002 after George Ryan had decided not to run for re-election during the run-up to his indictment.

We were off to Lake Michigan.

Leaving the lock between the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. The tethered balloon is next to Navy Pier, close to where our boat was docked.

I started making jokes about how we were doing what people feared the Asian carp would do.  There were lame, probably blocking the dismay I shall feel if our generation allows the Asian carp into Lake Michigan and it ends up dominating its ecology.

People enjoyed the warm weather with a breeze to keep them comfortable.

We passed the lighthouse.

Navy Pier was on the port side of the boat heading into Lake Michigan.

It is across the locks from Navy Pier.

Barrington’s Jim Finnegan wanted me to remind McHenry County readers that State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) personally prevented the Choose Life license plates from getting a vote in the committee he chairs in the Illinois House of Representatives.

Jim Finnegan holds up a mock-up of the Choose Life license plate, the proceeds beyond the licensing fee would go to support adoption agencies.

We headed north past Navy Pier where I got a couple of shots of the John Hancock Center.  It was a bit dark for good ones and the rocking boat added another difficulty.

Chicago skyline at dusk north of Navy Pier.

United States Senator Jim DeMint had finished his talk on the top deck and came down below.

Senator Jim DeMint talked to some of the poeple below decks after his speech.

Isaac Hayes

Randy Hultgren

I went back upstairs.

There I heard two candidates for Congress, Randy Hultgren and Isaac Hayes.

Hultgren is running against Bill Foster in an expansive Kane County-centered district.

Hayes is running against Jesse Jackson, Jr., on the South Side of Chicago.

They spoke while we were in the lock next to Navy Pier.

Chicago Tea Party Director Steve Stevlic

On the way off the board, Chicago Tea Party Director Steve Stevlic introduced himself.

It was late.

Close to 11 o’clock when we hit the highway.

The latest we have ever gotten a3ahy from a Family PAC cruise.

I had brought my I-Pass transponder and was so tired by the time we reached the O’Hare Toll Plaza that I forgot to hold it up.

That meant I had to call the 800 number to add the car which was giving me a rid to our account.

We’ll see if it took or whether I have to make another call after my friend gets a threatening letter.


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