Fleming Road Alliance Reminds Folks of Second County Highway Department Input Session

The Fleming Road improvements are moving right along.

The announcement that IDOT is planning to put a traffic light at Route 120 and Fleming Road, even though there have been no accidents since 2005 and there is little traffic volume has some local residents thinking that Fleming Road is being envisioned as a Eastern truck route about Woodstock by the McHenry County Board.

Comments from McHenry County Transportation Department consultant TransSystems include

  • IDOT will be installing a new signal at the Illinois Route120 intersection.

A stop light will be installed, even though there have been virtually no accidents and much less traffic on Fleming Road than on the Lakewood Street in front of my house.

The report reads,

“The intersection of Country Club Road and Fleming Road shall be studied in the preliminary design phase to determine the type of intersection control required. This contract does not include design of a roundabout.

“If, after the preliminary design studies, a roundabout is determined to be the preferred intersection control, the additional work effort to design the roundabout will be added to the contract through a contract supplement.”

Accidents at Fleming and Country Club Roads. Click to enlarge.

No recommendation for a stop light or re-alignment improvements at Fleming and County Club, even though there have been lots of accidents.

Oh, a roundabout might be studied in the future, but turning the intersection into a safer “T” and installing a light doesn’t even reach the “maybe” status…at least unless one wants to read between the lines.

To encourage people to attend the upcoming August 24th meeting, the Fleming Road Alliance sent out the following email:

The meeting will be held in the middle of no where at the McHenry County Transportation Department headquarters. I have included a map, because I surely could not find it without one and I've been driving county roads for 51 years. It on a side road off Route 14 on the Harvard side of Woodstock.

This is a reminder that the second Community Advisory Group Meeting for the Fleming Road project will be held Tuesday morning, August 24, 2010 at MCDOT offices, (yes, during working hours again) 16111 Nelson Rd., Woodstock.

Please attend if you can, to support your FRA representatives. You will be permitted to speak if you wish, during public comment at the end of the meeting.

MCDOT has posted on its web site www.flemingroad.info the materials for this meeting.

After you get through the agenda, list of members and tree survey reports, you will find interesting things like the crash report, shoulder width options, and design options for drainage control – slopes, swales, curb and gutter, retaining walls, and sight line distances.

Please take a look starting on page 74 of the attachment.

Hope to see you at the meeting!

Fleming Road Alliance Organizing Committee

Lisa Rhoades

Mary Moltman

Ed Bennett

Marti Jadd

Linda Ramsey

Stanley Jarosz

Phyllis Keinz

Kevin Keesee


Fleming Road Alliance Reminds Folks of Second County Highway Department Input Session — 1 Comment

  1. Did you say comments could be made at the end of the meeting?
    Most of the Highway meetings at 16111 Nelson Road in Woodstock will have public comment at the very beginnig and when you speak you are being timed for 2 minutes So that the board can look at their nails, drink their coffee, pick their nose and ignore the public and then the rest of the meeting can be all about what they will be doing and how they can waste our money.

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