John O’Neill Schedules Another Job Fair

It worked for Scott Cohen when he ran for the Democratic Party nomination for Lieutenant Governor.

Will it work for John O’Neill in his campaign against State Rep. Jack Franks?

At the McHenry County Fair, the Republican candidate was handing out black and white versions of the leaflet you see below.

This time the job fair will be at the McHenry Township Hall in Johnsburg on August 24th from 10 until 1.


John O’Neill Schedules Another Job Fair — 6 Comments

  1. I can’t believe there are no comments on this story. The Jackmister general must be keeping away from this blog. I have to say kudos to John. He is in the middle of an election and still puts together a job fair. Jack and all the other representatives in both the state and congress could learn alot from John.
    I hope the people of Mchenry County appreciate what John is doing and come out vote for him. We need his fresh ideas in Springfield.

  2. If only he had gotten himself in shape before this campaign. There’s a reason that the people that tend to get elected in this country are usually not overweight–it’s because voters view overweight folks as those who lack restraint and self-control.

    O’Neill may be a good candidate, but for many who vote without knowledge of the issues (most people), his weight will be a negative.

  3. Have you seen Jack lately, Joe??? He and Nygren make a great pair.

  4. Oh, Jack is a bit heavy, too. But compared to O’Neill, he’s a lightweight. All I’m saying is that, all else equal, O’Neill would have a much better shot if he were in shape. The fattest candidates turn voters off.

  5. Who won in New Jersey?? I believe it was a chunky Chris Christie. People best look at issues and what they stand for. We need to break away from the “good ole boys”. Jack Franks is in with the worst of them, many of them are Republicans. John is an excellent candidate.

  6. Joe. Are you for real? This is 2010. You must be some Franks shill! Voters care about competence, ethics, integrity and innovation….not appearance. John is creating job opportunities in McHenry County while Jack and the Dems bankrupt Illinois. The GOP is blessed to have John O’Neill standing alone against the Franks machine.

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