Mike Tryon Puts Piece in NW Herald

Below you see the front page and the back page of an insert that taxpayers financed the printing of.

You can tell that by looking at what is printed at the bottom of the letter.

The front of State Rep. Mike Tryon's insert in the Northwest Herald.

Look closely at the bottom of the letter and you will see how many inserts the Legislative Printing Office ran through its presses.

If you want me to do the heavy lifting, it’s 15,000 copies.

Do you think that means the Northwest Herald has 15,000 subscribers in Mike Tryon’s district?

Tryon’s office tells me the cost was about $800 for the distribution.

About five cents apiece.

Cheaper than mailing them.

But I imagine Tryon’s Democratic Party opponent for State Representative Bob Kaempfe is envious that he does not have this incumbent advantage.


Mike Tryon Puts Piece in NW Herald — 1 Comment

  1. Snce you claim to be fighting for Responsible Government, why are the Mchenry County trio letting the McHenry County Board use Federal stimulus money to fund private projects. This isn’t responsible its irresponsible. And they say the Dems are all crooked. Oh Cal. Apparently you think everyone believes Jack Franks is Democrat. Stereotyping seems to becoming a pattern on here lately.

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