Mr. Smith Went to Washington. Mr. Duffy Went to Springfield.

Mr. Smith in the U.S. Senate Chambers fighting corruption.

Last night at the Prairie Grove Village Hall, State Senator Dan Duffy talked about Springfield.

The more I heard, the more it reminded me of the principal character in black and white movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

Duffy managed to alienate the Democratic Party powers that be right off the bat. It was during his comments on impeaching Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Dan Duffy at the Prairie Grove Village Hall.

“The testimony presented definitely warrants the Governor’s removal from office, but what confuses me is that the testimony shows this abuse of power has been going on for years and that many people in this government and in this chamber had to have known about it.”


Telling the truth on the Senate floor?

You can bet veteran Democrats didn’t want to hear that.

But, it gets better:

“According to the Governor’s speech today, he said that what he did he did in conjunction with the Democratic Senate Leadership. He said he couldn’t have done any of this without their help and support.

“The Auditor General’s testimony yesterday reflects how deep and how widespread the corruption has gone.

“How it is that the majority in this chamber, the same people who have presented this case reflecting years of corruption, are the same people that have praised the Governor by giving him three pay raises over the past two years? Three raises since the 2006 election, increasing the Governor’s salary by almost 18 percent at the same time that all this document corruption was taking place.

“Mr. President, we have just scratched the surface of corruption. The Governor did not and could not have done all this without a lot of help. We must implement clear and concise transparency laws in this state.

“Every single government check written, whether for payroll, bills or expenses, should be posted on the Internet on a website for all to see.

“Voters should have the ability to recall, if necessary, any elected official in the state.

“And we should have a whistle-blowers’ hotline for all legislators, staff and lobbyists to call if they suspect or know of any corruption taking place. This hotline should be maintained by a nonpolitical appointment who will keep names anonymous and offer rewards for convictions.

Senate President John Cullerton speaks in favor of the 67% income tax increase, which passed the Senate, but not the House.

“This is just the beginning, Mr. President, and we have a lot of work to do.”

Join me, if you don’t remember reading anything about this freshman state senator’s remarks.

What happened next puts it into context.

After the debate, Senate President John Cullerton came up to Duffy and said, according to what Duffy said last night,

“Base on your comments, I’ve concluded you’re in the wrong parking space.”

Duffy said he was then assigned a parking space behind those of senate staffers.


Mr. Smith Went to Washington. Mr. Duffy Went to Springfield. — 12 Comments

  1. Cal I can’t recall- what was the vote to remove Blago from office? Did the Democrats fall along party lines and vote to keep him? Did those awful awful “veteran Democrats” turn a blind eye to his misdeeds?

  2. Blagojevich lost even his closest allies on that vote. Little ethics reform legislation passed thereafter.

  3. Every Illinois resident reading this needs to get out his or her check book and send Sen. Duffy a hundred bucks! Now THIS is what I’m talking about. Nice job Sen. Dan Duffy!

    Cal, could you possibly post Sen. Duffy’s address?

    Thank you.

  4. Thanks Cal…. If I were a ‘smart’ Republican in the State Senate, I’d be moving my car right about now and making room for Sen Dan Duffy. I’d also paint a large “WELCOME SEN. DAN DUFFY” sign between the ‘lines.’

    “If I were ‘smart’ that is????”

  5. The title of Dan Duffy’s presentation was Springfield 101. It was excellent! I highly recommend everyone get a chance to view it.

  6. Dan is a guy who needs all of your support. He says what he means and means what he says — they can’t stand him in Springfield.

    Dan has also reached across party lines trying to get legislation done on Red Light Cameras.

    No, he didn’t put me up to posting this but I am proud to say I worked on his campaign and he has never let me down in Springfield.

    He’s a breath of fresh air and I wish we could clone him!

  7. Ms. Jenner, if you find a moment, would you please provide a ‘link’ to Senator Duffy’s presentation, If available. Also, what is the name of his campaign fund? In what name should checks be made?

    I’m absolutely ‘speechless’ and so proud of this man. I would imagine this brave man needs money more than words right about now. We need to protect a man who demonstrates this level of integrity.

    I don’t have much money, but $100.00 will be on its way to the Senators office tomorrow. Thanks Cal for alerting us to the Senators great service.

    Thank you.

  8. David Bachmann – I don’t know if anyone has filmed Dan Duffy’s Springfield 101 presentation, so I don’t personally have a link to provide you.

    Dan Duffy is not currently running for reelection. He has more time in office, thankfully!

    As an organizer for the McHenry County Tea Party, I hope to set up a townhall that features Dan Duffy as one of the presenters.

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