Dem Candidate for Sheriff Sends Campaign Update

Not only is Mark Kirk seeking volunteers to walk with him in the Lake in the Hills parade this Saturday, from reading the following, I see Mike Mahon is, too.

Current Happenings

We are heading into the home stretch now: only 61 day left until Election Day, November 2!

All of our volunteers are out and about in the neighborhoods, our signs are popping up like mushrooms, and the excitement is contagious.

We have some great opportunities for you to help in the last big push.

Come out, support Mike, and join us in making history in McHenry County.

Mike Mahon (in the middle) is seen campaiging at the Algonquin Founders Day Parade.

We are looking for volunteers to join us on our awesome float this Saturday, September 4, in Lake in the Hills, Mike’s hometown.

The parade starts at 10 a.m. Our parade number is 26 and line-up is on Lucerne Lane. Please email if you have any questions. T-shirts and water will be provided.

On September 8, we’re holding a Fundraiser for Mike at Cary County Club from 7 to 9 p.m. Hors d’oeuvres, dessert, coffee, and soft drinks will be provided. A cash bar will be available for alcoholic beverages. Tickets ($25) can be purchased at the door, on our webpage, by calling 847-515-4772 or by emailing

We are also looking for volunteers for canvassing neighborhoods September 11 and/or 12th. We only need an hour or two of your time. Please call Tim at 847-515-4772.

At all of the above, we can guarantee you’ll make some new friends and have a good time. Now, especially, is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of Mike Mahon!

= = = = =

Keith Nyrgen and his wife Marge ride in the Algonquin Founders Day Parade.

If you are wondering why you don’t read what incumbent Sheriff Keith Nygren is doing outside of what I figure out myself, it is because his campaign does not send me information it wishes to share.


Dem Candidate for Sheriff Sends Campaign Update — 24 Comments

  1. Nygren does not need to send out requests for volunteers, when he has McHenry County employees at his disposal. He can have them run any errand he wants, and they have to oblige. Plus, the tax payers get to pay for it. He has a pretty sweet set-up.

    I was told of a request he made just this week to the Chief of Police in Hebron. Apparently, Nygren did not like Mahon campaign signs in his home town, so he made a call to his friend, Dale. The Hebron farmers who offered to post Mahon Campaign signs in their yards were greeted by the Chief, who informed them that it would be in “their best interest,” to take those signs down. One of those visited is an elderly woman, who was very frighted by what she felt to be a threat by the police department.

    What kind of person sends fellow officers to the homes of residents to threaten them, because he does not like their voting choice? It is time to end the bully tactics and corruption in the Sheriff’s office. Vote against Nygren in November.

  2. Still very strange how the local “media” has been so quiet about the harassment case involving this Democratic candidate and a 15 year old girl. I suspect the bigger print media being incumbent leaning may be holding it until closer to the election but I am surprised the online guys have ignored it to date.

  3. You keep singing the same song. The media has no interest, because they know there is no story. A woman who is known as being a liar, forges her employment documents, gets caught, and suddenly she claims harassment. If you knew anything about Mahon, you would know her claims were false. She was not able to get one person to back up her claims about saying such a thing about her daughter or anyone else, because it never happened. She was trying to save herself, because she knew she was about to be fired. End of story.

    In the 20 years I have known Mahon, I have never seen him act disrespectful or inappropriate. You can claim all you want. I trust him with my own children. He is a good man, who has strong values. Her charges were nothing more than an attempt to distract from what she had done wrong.

  4. Sarah, I’m not sure how you sleep at night defending the kind of behavior that happened towards this young girl. The Sheriffs investigator who actually talked to the witness’s wrote as a direct quote:

    “Assistant Chief Michael Mahon has a strong dislike and animosity against Investigator Harriet Rizzo’s Husband, Joe Rizzo, and has succeeded in directing his hostility against Joe Rizzo through his Wife, Harriet Rizzo, which by his conduct has the purpose and the effect of unreasonably interfering with Harriet Rizzo’s work performance and creating an intimidating, hostile and offensive working environment.”

    The appellate court found that:

    “we find that Mahon’s deplorable behavior did not occur because of Rizzo’s sex but instead was the product of Mahon’s animosity toward Rizzo’s husband.”


    “Although pathetic, Mahon and Dioguardi’s threats, as well as Mahon’s actions designed to inconvenience Rizzo at work, fail to demonstrate that the stated reasons for Rizzo’s termination were a pretext for retaliation.”

  5. No story? Oh I think there is quite a story… and for Mahon to have been quoted in the appellate court brief as having said “”Well I’d like to f*** her.” allegedly about a 15 year old girl to her mother in an attempt to bully the mother because he apparently hated the girls father is definitely something voters deserve to hear about. Voters should all have the opportunity to view the appellate courts decision and read their opinion along with the investigators and witness to make up their own mind.

    Perhaps the voters will decide as you that the incidents did not happen or perhaps they will agree with the court and the investigator and call the actions “deplorable” and “pathetic” and “product of Mahon’s animosity toward Rizzo’s husband.”

  6. I get that the Mahon camp wants to dismiss the courts and investigators findings but as the parent of a 15 year old girl I simply believe with all my heart all voters in the county deserve to read the courts findings for themselves and make up their own mind.

    I for one have read them and am thoroughly disgusted. Voters only have to google “Mahon Rizzo harassment” and find the many links to the courts ruling and finding of facts and decide for themselves.

  7. Sarah, I don’t know if we’re talking about the same two signs but the two large signs that were posted ON the state right of way (commented on here the day after Mahon said he wouldn’t post them on the right of way) are gone. Perhaps those are the ones referred to.

    I noticed that the hay wagon with the self-serve sweet corn is missing from the Hebron “rest area” (another shameful example of the IDOT’s work) is also gone. Can we blame Hebron PD and Sheriff Nygren for its removal as well or could it be that maybe the IDOT actually did something?

  8. The word you seem to misunderstand is “alleged”. She never proved any of her claims. In fact, most were proven to be false which is why she had to pay the court costs. In the end, the charges against HER were upheld. They were dropped against Mahon.

    She also alleged that she had credentials to do her job, but that was a lie. She alleged that the investigation as to her credentials occurred after she filed her complaint, and that was a lie.

    This woman claimed she was yelled at, threatened, and harassed by numerous Cook County employees. She supposedly was harassed in her home, on the job, in public, and by phone. She claims she was harassed personally,through her husband and through her daughter. This woman claims she was abused for years. None of her claims were ever proven or validated by anyone outside of her family even though she claimed she had witnesses. None of those witnesses could be found. She could not even recall the dates of the supposed harassment. The only thing this woman proved was her mental instability.

    You can keep dragging up falsified harassment, but that does not make it true.

    Any by the way. I sleep quite well at night, because I know the truth. Hopefully no one makes a false harassment claim against you. According to your opinion, all claims by disgruntled and unstable employees must be true.

  9. Sarah,

    Despite the spin, the fact remains the investigator and the court that actually had the opportunity to speak to the witness’s did not find that he did not do these “despicable” and “pathetic” actions involving this man’s wife and daughter.

    Quite the contrary, the written opinion and investigators report are both quite clear that the actions were a result of Mahon’s animosity towards the little girls father. The investigator stated that Mahon’s actions were “harassment”. Reading the courts ruling, the court was quite clear that the specific reason they did not rule “sexual” harassment was because the actions were

  10. based on Mahon’s animosity towards Mr. Rizzo not the sex of Mrs. Rizzo.

  11. As for the woman being fired, she was fired for not proving she had a High School degree and not having that info correct on her initial application…about a DECADE after she filled it out. Sorry but that hardly raises to the level that caused the court to call Mahon’s actions “deplorable” and “pathetic”. To defend Mahon by going on attack against this woman about not having a high school degree speaks to the exact type of behavior that is of concern.

    No one can sure, but perhaps the outcome would have been different had it been Rizzo that had donated thousands of dollars to the Sheriff’s campaign. Mahon certainly seems to have enjoyed a charmed life with his law enforcement career apparently surviving a DUI, suspended license, and the investigator in this harassment case finding “his conduct has the purpose and the effect of unreasonably interfering with Harriet Rizzo’s work performance and creating an intimidating, hostile and offensive working environment.”

    Those simply aren’t the actions I want Deputies on the McHenry County Sheriff’s department being retained around let alone promoted.

  12. Kidding,

    Neither did they find that he did either. In fact the court stated that her allegations had “no merit”. That sounds pretty confident that they did not believe her. Had she really supplied these credible witnesses, or any evidence at all, Mahon would have been fired. She has a history of lying. She got caught doing it again. And the investigation was begun after she repeatedly falsified her credentials for her new position. Prior to her again stating inaccurate information, her application was not flagged.

    Spin away. Repeating yourself over,and over, and over, and over… will not make your spin true. All three courts did not buy her story. We are not buying your twist on it.

    I am curious what favor you owe Nygren to continue supporting him despite the fact that he has time after time shown himself to be so unethical. You are quite hypocritical to stand behind someone who has countless cases pending against him, yet point fingers at Mahon who has a history of one cleared case. Interesting.

  13. While Kidding jabbers away about a decades-old case that went nowhere in the Circuit or Districts Courts, or within the always politically sensitive sheriff’s department in Cook County, the REAL news is in the Chicago Sun Times today about the ties between the suicide of METRA boss Pagano, our Republican “power broker” Al Jourdan and Sheriff Nygren. Sounds like Jourdan was on the scene. Why didn’t Kieth want to release the taps to the Better Government Association? The BGA is run by former news reporter Andy Shaw, who knows a political scandal when he smells one. I venture this Pagano, Jourdan, Nygren suicide story has much more to it than a simple 911 call.

  14. Charles Roberts, you are not saying that Al Jourdan was on the scene of the suicide and made the call to MCSO just to open the door for that department to be the first to go through the Pagano house and look for “something” are you?

  15. I don’t care how old the case is…the act of using a man’s wife and underage daughter to take out your animosity towards him speaks to a character flaw that as the court said is “deplorable”.

    You are indeed correct that they used the term “no merit” towards the sexual harassment claim. They were quite clear that the found that way based on the fact Mahon’s actions were based on his animosity towards the childs father/woman’s father. If that legal technicality makes the actions ok in your book we are just going to have to disagree. To me it reeks of a Clintonesque “depends what the definition of is, is” qualification.

    All I am saying is that all voters in this race should have the opportunity to read the courts decision about the Mahon harassment case and make up their own mind. As for my opinion, as the parent of a 15 year old girl I admit I have taken it a bit personally and am completely disgusted after reading the courts decision and the investigators report.

  16. I saw our County Board President down at the Metra building yesterday morning. He appeared to be getting on the 10:30a train heading home. Maybe he had a 9:00a meeting.

  17. Don’t worry Charles I will break 10 without a problem. Admittedly fired up about this one, just keep picturing some bully going after my wife or daughter in the way the investigator and court describes.

  18. You are missing the point, Kidding. If you are riled up about the false claims that this woman made up to try to save herself from her earlier lies, then you can imagine how fired up Mahon’s wife and children would have been. It comes down to the fact that the harassment never happened. He never said those things, as was determined by the courts. If the court believed he said those things, he would have been fired. Every court determined that there was no evidence that he ever made those statements. End of story.

    Does Nygren pay you by the word, or by the post? You seem to spend a lot of time repeating yourself. Do you think that saying the same thing over and over will somehow make it less of a lie?

  19. Sarah,
    It really makes you look silly to criticize someone for continuing to speak to an issue you yourself keep commenting on. Just silly.

    If you have read the courts comments and the investigators report and are stating that thy prove Mahon did not commit the actions in question you are either simply not very bright or purposely being deceptive to protect your candidate from what the reports actually say.

    As I have said I simply believe all voters should read the reports and decide for themselves. Having read the reports I do understand why a Mahon supporter would not want people to read them and make up their own minds.

    Absolutely no one with basic common sense can read the decision and come away with the ruling that the actions did not take place. All the court did was say the actions were due to Mahon’s animosity towards a relative no based on sexual harassment. In fact they call the actions “deplorable” and “pathetic”. Really not sure what you are even accusing me of lying about as I have only quoted the court decision, and added my opinion on the stated actions.

    Now to say the court found the actions never happened in the first place that would be a lie. But I suppose everyone can make up their minds for themselves I just want to make sure all voters in this race have that opportunity.

  20. Simply put Sarah, to the point on if the court found these actions never happened or if they found they happened but were due to reason Mahons animosity towards someone in this family rather than sexual harassment it seems to reason one of us is indeed lying.

    I am quite comfortable letting the masses read the court decision as linked by Richard above and make their up their own minds as to who is being deceptive…quite comfortable with that indeed.

  21. To quote Garlands digest directly:

    “Her immediate supervisor was Assistant Chief Michael Mahon. On two occasions Mahon told Rizzo that he would like to f*ck her fifteen-year-old daughter. He also indicated to Rizzo on at least one occasion that he would like to have intercourse with her. Rizzo reported the conduct. The investigation found that it was harassment, but determined that the harassment was not based on sex (or gender). It was based on the fact that Mahon hated Rizzo’s husband — who was also an investigator. The Seventh Circuit agrees that the conduct constitutes harassment and that it is not sexual harassment for the reason just expressed. “

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