Scott Cohen Snags Jim Tobin’s PAC’s Endorsement

Jim Tobin, the 1998 Libertarian Party candidate for Governor, whom Secretary of State George Ryan sent government employees on state time to keep off the ballot, has endorsed Scott Lee Cohen for Governor. Cohen won the Democratic Party nomination for Lieutenant Governor, but party leaders forced him off the ballot.

In a letter to his Tax Accountability mailing list, Tobin writes that Cohen has “signed our Taxpayer Protection Pledge” in which he promises to “oppose any and all efforts to increase state or local taxes.”

Tobin points out that Democrat Pat Quinn and Republican Bill Brady “have refused to sign.”

Tobin goes on to describe Quinn and Brady as “the tax-raising twins.”

Tobin was also the Libertarian Party candidate for Lt. Gov. when I ran for Governor in 2002.

A phone number of 312-441-0300 is listed in the letter for those who would like Cohen to speak in their communities.

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Scott Cohen Snags Jim Tobin’s PAC’s Endorsement — 1 Comment

  1. Mr. Cohen,

    My husband, Gerald, has been out of work for over 2 years now. He has been a union iron worker in Chicago for 24 years before the economy took a dive but no one is building requiring structural steel. He has certainly looked at other forms of employment but to no avail. We are an honest, hard working, white family with 2 small children. My family and I would greatly appreciate your assistance/guidance to help our family out of our struggle.


    Barb Erskine

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