Will there be Black Banners to Mourn Labor Day?

What unions have done has devastated U.S. manufacturing, resulting in shipping jobs overseas has gone on for decades.

In Barack Obama language, they have “transformed” from fighting abuses to abusing taxpayers and creating widespread abuses.

Unions are largely now for a privileged class with employee rights certain to ship even more good paying jobs overseas.

Crystal Lake's Davenport Funeral Home and Crematorium

For the first time, there are now more government sector union jobs than those in the private sector.

And the work rules are ridiculous.

Just yesterday, I learned of a non-AFSCME union state employee who got written up for changing a light bulb. He/she was supposed to have called an 800 number.

Unemployment is so high, it seems Labor Day shouldn’t be a day of celebration.

Rather, it should be a day of mourning about how greedy union bosses and willing Dem accomplices have lead our country into an enormous economic mess.

There used to be a normal economic cycle that had manufacturing bring our country out of a recession as it shipped more product overseas because a falling U.S. dollar made them more competitive.

There’s too little manufacturing in the U.S. for that to happen now.

Shipping more farm products overseas doesn’t spread the farm wealth very far into the rest of the economy.

There are now fewer U.S. manufacturing jobs in the computer industry than when the first P.C. was introduced.

For people who are unemployed, they can thank what union greed steadily did to jobs over time.

Liberal Illinois Dems (are there any other kind?) married the union bosses and now the tar effigy of a lack of jobs is around their necks. Perhaps feathers will be added this fall.

Republicans can kick off the official election season by reminding voters how Illinois Dems from Obama on through all of their majorities have made Labor Day now a national day of mourning for what their greedy union bosses did to our country.

Even our schools are buying Dell computers, for example, made overseas.

Buy American may be impractical, as unions have gotten their way so much, that so little is made in the U.S.A. anymore.

Lake in the Hills is still holding its Sunset Festival Labor Day Parade this Saturday, starting at 10. The parade route can be found below.

Lake in the Hills parade route Saturday.


Will there be Black Banners to Mourn Labor Day? — 5 Comments

  1. Cal, the loss of manufacturing has nothing to do with greedy, heartless and unpatriotic CEOs trying to maximize shareholder’s profits by selling off American manufacturing. America has lost far more non-union manufacturing jobs than union jobs overseas. Might it be that the unions are preserving American manufacturing jobs? Need to get your facts straight before ranting Cal.

  2. I am not aware that the CEO of CAT has moved out of Illinois.

  3. Well I heard he moved to Nepal. So it must be true. That is what passes for “Reporting” here lately, isn’t it? Like how you “Heard” someone, somewhere got fired for changing a light bulb?

  4. The non-union state employee did not get fired, he got written up.

  5. Some unions do all that you have mentioned and have tarnished the ideals of what it is to be a union. The greed that the corporations have has infected them. They are not as strong as they would think though, the pressure they put on the corporations pushes the corporations to just move to cheaper labor locations to be more competitive in the market.

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