Hickory Go Crash

The lamp lighting our driveway emerged undamaged.

How strong was the wind this afternoon?

The hickory tree not only blocked the driveway, but it pretty much covered the front yard.

A gust took out our tallest hickory tree. We lost half of the other big one in the late 1980’s to lightning. The big oak on Meridian Street next to the hickory also got hit by lightning and was destroyed.

I’m lying in bed about 3:30 this afternoon listening to the wind and praying for God to protect our trees while falling asleep when there’s a loud cracking sound and I hear tree limbs coming down.

The kids downstairs thought they were hearing the rumbling of thunder.

As people have know for millennia, when God answers prayers it may not be the answer you have requested.

The old hickory tree, weaken by a fungus after having been hit by lightning fell in such a way that there was minor gutter damage.

In this case, when the hickory, diseased by fungus, fell, it missed our master bedroom.

There were branches and leaves touching our bedroom balcony.

In fact, except from leaves on the tops of some limbs, it missed our home completely.

No way we could into or out of the garage and it was the night we planned to have Chinese food from The Breakers.

But it completely blocked the driveway.

We have a light out front.

It pretty much missed that, too. It’s still standing.

But, it and a significant branches on the nearby oak which got taken down with it now completely block the driveway.

Fortunately for us, the tree is on the right-of-way of Meridian Street, so the Village of Lakewood will remove it.

Some guys will get overtime tonight to clear the driveway, but I figure Tuesday is soon enough to clear out the trunk and most of the branches.

So, I am thanking God for protecting our home, if not our tree.

And, I’m a continuing fan of Lakewood’s Public Works Department.

Everything was cleaned up by dinner time except the tree trunk by the efficient Lakewood men. The limbs had gone to Chipperland

By the time the family arrived to eat Chinese, the driveway was clear and they parked where tree limbs had previously been.


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  1. Those are amazing pictures. I’m so glad it didn’t hit the house and that everyone is fine. I’m also glad it was not the tree house tree that fell!

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