Mike Mahon Criticizes Kieth Nygren on Transparency or Lack Thereof in Release of Phil Pagano Suicide 911 Call

Read the press release as it was sent:


Candidate for McHenry County Sheriff Mike Mahon Friday said that incumbent Sheriff Keith Nygren’s initial refusal to release the 911 tapes surrounding the suicide of Metra Executive Director Philip Pagano was characteristic of the Nygren administration’s treatment of public information.

Keith Nygren

Mahon was reacting to a published report in Friday’s Chicago Sun-Times in which the transcript of a 911 call from noted McHenry County Republican Al Jourdan was only released following a threatened lawsuit from the Better Government Association.

According to the report, Jourdan referenced his personal knowledge of Sheriff Nygren and Undersheriff Andrew Zinke in the 911 call.

“We’ve seen this movie before,” Mahon said, “in the March wounding of Deputy Eric Woods at the firing range, and in other cases where Sheriff Nygren and his people have treated public information as if it was their own little secret. Not even Freedom of Information Act requests can pry the whole story loose, but in this case at least the Nygren Administration apparently drew the line at a lawsuit they would have undoubtedly lost.

“Thank God the Better Government Association put up a strong fight, or who knows whether that 911 tape would have ever seen the light of day.”

Mike Mahon

Also referenced in the Sun-Times was a connection between Sheriff Nygren and another Metra executive, board member Jack Schaffer, who has contributed $1,670 to Nygren’s campaigns.

“In just one newspaper article, one can see the starting lineup in the McHenry County good-old-boy network and how they operate,”

Mahon said.

“My candidacy is dedicated to putting a hole in that network where the Sheriff’s Office used to be.

“Mutual backscratching and personal favors are not the way to conduct the people’s business in an office they pay for, and I’ll put a stop to it.

“When elected Sheriff, I will return this office back to the people of McHenry.”

For more information contact the Mike Mahon for Sheriff Campaign at 847.515.4772.


Mike Mahon Criticizes Kieth Nygren on Transparency or Lack Thereof in Release of Phil Pagano Suicide 911 Call — 7 Comments

  1. Now this guy is just getting petty to the level of silliness. So the Sheriff’s office held the tape until a compromise was made to blank out the 911 callers home address and private numbers. Once this compromise was reached the Sheriff’s department released the tape on their own accord, no one forced them to. It seems like a fair compromise protecting the legitimate privacy of a citizen.

    Glad to hear in the same situation Mahon seemingly would be in a race to release a county citizens private info, unnecessarily. That should increase public safety and encourage others to call the police…NOT.

  2. It starts to get old after while getting lectured on why we here in McHenry County should be more like Crook county.

    OK, a guy who apparently remained a Cook county Sheriffs supervisor through a DUI, apparent suspended license, and what the 7th circuit court calls deplorable conduct (link below) while donating thousands of dollars to the Cook County Sheriff’s campaign is going to lecture McHenry county residents on how we need to end political backscratching in our county.

    I don’t care who you are that’s funny.


  3. This guy Mike Mahon is PATHETIC. To make this situation a political issue is a disgrace. There is nothing in the recording that has anything to do with him or the BGA. It’s a recording of a decent man reporting the possible suicide of a 25 year friend. His comment about knowing the Sheriff and Under Sheriff was just adding credibility to the call, so the dispatcher wouldn’t think it was a crank call. I would love to see Mahons actions in this situation. God forbide he ever has to make this kind of call………

  4. P.S. I just read the link in comment 2. This really shows how discusting Mahon is……….We should all read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think the part that gets me the most is that this is a 911 call from a man who is in the first few minutes of realizing that a friend of a few decades has probably just killed himself. He’s in shock as I imagine any responsible law enforcement official would discern.

    To pick apart the semantics of how he reported it to the 911 operator or that he name dropped to make sure he was not being handled as a crank call is disgusting.

    The confusion or one or two unrelated statements is understandable in the callers circumstance. May we all never be in the same shoes to know what he was going through at that time.

    To use it so quickly in a petty political attack once again speaks to the attackers character.

  6. It didn’t take long for the nygren minions to start defending their boss.

    All I can say boys is wait 10–12 minutes to make your emergency calls.

    Oh yea and don’t for get to brush your teeth before you leave to help the responders.

    And if your lucky maybe Keith and Andy will show up and you can discuss how blocking off the street the night before didn’t help.

    You guys are the pathetic ones; will you ever find fault in your boss or does he truly own you.

  7. Didn’t Nygren live in the same neighborhood as Pagano, but he never met him? Jourdan and Nygren are friends, Jourdan and Pagano are friends, but Nygren and Pagano never met?

    Is that the same Cabay that supplies the county with toiletries and gives Nygren donations. A little pay to play. make sure you comment against Nygren’s opponent and keep that money rolling in.

    A decent man would not leave his friend alone, wait 12 minutes to call the police, or stop to brush his teeth. Maybe some secrets died that day on the train tracks.

    Maybe the feds will find some connections between Pagano and some of our local officials.

    Is there a connection between county board member Munaretto and the building in CL where the prostitution arrests were made?