Comparing Pagano 911 Tape Release Headlines

There used to be a mimeographed publication called “The Chicago Journalism Review.”

It was published by a man in Skokie and I subscribed. Its purpose was to critique local media.

Today, let’s look at the headlines for Sheriff Keith Nygren’s release of the Al Jourdan 911 call about Phil Pagano. I understand a suit was threatened by the BGA, if the tape was not released.

First look at the Chicago Sun-Times and McHenry County Blog’s:

Next, look at WMAQ-TV’s:

WLS-AM put this on its web site:

How about WBBM Radio:

The Daily Southtown, reprinting the Chicago Sun-Times article, presented it like this:

Yesterday, the Northwest Herald had this on its web site:

Compare that with Saturday’s internet version:

The paper version reads,

Jourdan gives
details on 911 tape

The head line could have read,

Nygren gives
details of 911 tape

There are different political implications to the two possibilities, don’t you think?

I see no article on the Daily Herald web site.  There is nothing in the Chicago Tribune today, but I did find the following on its web site:

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