Daley’s Not Running for Re-Election Will Put State Campaigns on Hold

Richard Daley decides to go out a winner.

Well, that will suck all the news space away from the statewide candidates for office.

For the next week or so, the political news hole is filled unless someone makes a really big mistake.

People will be speculating on why Daley isn’t running.

Others will be trying to put together campaigns for the office.

Who will be the black candidate? Jesse Jackson, Jr., the Blagojevich wounded one?

What aldermen think they are ready for the big time?

Will retiring Cook County Assessor Jim Houlihan, who has just endorsed an independent to succeed him toss his hat into the ring?

One should remember that the office of mayor is non-partisan.

With Bill Brady leading Pat Quinn by some five percentage points, according to the Chicago Tribune poll, my guess is that after the flurry of “Who’s going to succeed Daley?” subsides that the two candidates’ positions will be pretty constant.

Same for the virtual tie between Alexi Giannoulias and Mark Kirk.


Daley’s Not Running for Re-Election Will Put State Campaigns on Hold — 2 Comments

  1. “Rahmbo” Emmanuel is going to leave the Obama administration, like the rat that he is leaving a sinking ship and will land on his feet as Da’ Boss of Chicago

  2. I’m sure the illness of herself, Maggie Daley had a role in the decision.

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