Jack Franks Soliciting Sponsors for October Fund Raiser

From Jack Franks' fundraising invitation last year.

Again State Rep. Jack Franks is asking Republicans from outside his legislative district to add their names to his supporter list.

He seems to have had his people call most, if not all, of McHenry County’s attorneys.

And others.  Even Republicans.

You may remember that he did the same thing last fall.

Franks, of course, is trying to set himself up to run for the United States Congress in 2012.

My guess is a deal was cut with House Speaker Mike Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton while they were on the vacation to Ireland organized by State Rep. Dan Burke. State Senator Pam Althoff was on the trip, too.

Madigan would be only too happy to get Franks out of the House. My sources indicate Madigan doesn’t like Franks.

This was just after the time that Franks was desperately trying to be considered a serious candidate for Governor. But, he was ignored. And, when he dropped out of the race he was never really in, virtually no one noticed but the home county paper that has selected him “McHenry County Political Idol.”

But, back to the fundraiser. Franks undoubtedly wants more sponsors on his invitation than he had last year.

You can find if your acquaintances were listed last fall as supporters in one of the articles below. Will anyone be able to find the person running for countyoffice on the Republican ticket who signed up to support Jack Franks last year?
Jack Franks Supporter List – A and B

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  • Jack Franks Supporter List – G and H
  • Jack Franks Supporter List – I, J and K
  • Jack Franks Supporter List – L and M
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  • Jack Franks Supporter List – W, X, Y and Z

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