Joe Walsh Invited to Replace Melissa Bean at Waukegan Township Legislative Breakfast

Isn’t this interesting?

Denise Rotheimer, 2010 Chairperson of the Waukegan Township Legislative Breakfast has invited incumbent Congresswoman Melissa Bean’s Republican opponent, Joe Walsh, to replace her on the panel after Bean became “unavailable.”

Here’s Rotheimer’s missive:

To Whom It May Concern:

Melissa Bean

Joe Walsh

Since Congresswoman Melissa Bean is unavailable to attend the Legislative Breakfast on September 17, 2010 as a panelist, could you please ask Joe Walsh if he would consider attending this year’s event as a panelist instead of as an individual.

The Legislative Breakfast committee members want to provide our attendees with information about issues affecting them in their district, which I am confident Joe could address.

Please know that this opportunity will not equate to a candidate forum, but rather will provide a role for Joe to address Melissa’s constituents with the knowledge he has gained from speaking with 8th District constituents and the research he has gathered to offer them solutions.

After the panelists are introduced and have an opportunity to give a two-minute speech, the committee will open the floor to the attendees.

A moderator will call on attendees who have questions or comments. The questions or comments addressed by attendees will not be known ahead of time, nor will they be scripted.


Joe Walsh Invited to Replace Melissa Bean at Waukegan Township Legislative Breakfast — 2 Comments

  1. So let me get this straight, Joe Walsh is going to the 10th district to speak at a breakfast where you are charged $25 to watch? But Melissa Bean speaks at a breakfast in the 8th district where you are charged $15 and somehow that is an outrage?

    Yes, you are correct, that IS interesting.

  2. Open note to Ms. Bean,

    Some might think of your bill choices and absence from no fee events as elitist. Remember, there are fewer elitist loving voters than regular folks whose money you spend.

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