Melissa Bean Pops Up Again, This Time at $15 Chamber Event

Melissa Bean

Yet another event for which constituents have to pay to interact with incumbent 8th District Democrat Melissa Bean.

Multi-Chamber Legislative Update Breakfast with Congresswomen Melissa Bean: Sept. 21, 7:30-9 a.m., White Deer Run Golf Club, 250 W. Gregg’s Parkway, Vernon Hills.

Join members of the Lake Zurich and other chambers for an informative breakfast meeting with Illinois’ 8th District Congresswoman; $15 per member, includes full breakfast buffet. Register by Sept. 15.

Thank to the Lake Zurich Courier for the notice.

No word as to whether Bean will have someone to intimidate those who might want to ask less than softball questions, as she did in Round Lake.

Republican Joe Walsh and Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer opposed Bean.


Melissa Bean Pops Up Again, This Time at $15 Chamber Event — 3 Comments

  1. Open note to Ms. Bean,

    Some might think of your bill choices and absence from no fee events as elitist. Remember, there are fewer elitist loving voters than regular folks whose money you spend.

  2. And paying $25 to see Joe Walsh at the Waukegan Legislative forum is somehow more ethical than paying for your breakfast at this event?

  3. At least with Joe Walsh you get your money’s worth.

    He actually answers questions directly.

    Besides, he doesn’t get over 80% of his campaign money from outside of the district, such as around $600,000 out of nearly $1 million in PAC money from the financial services industry since Bean was put into a key position on the Financial Services Committee to help “shake down” that industry for her party.

    Try a Google search for: Bill Moyers Melissa Bean – to find the show in which they discussed that.

    These weren’t conservatives making accusations – they were frustrated progressives.

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