So, What Is Lou Bianchi Accused of Doing?

Lou bianchi

McHenry County Blog posted the entire indictment of McHenry County State’s Attorney here.

There is one charge of “conspiracy,” one charge of “unlawful communication with a witness” (Tom Carroll) and nineteen for “official misconduct.”

Most of the guts of it, however, is contained under the heading “Conspiracy.”

  • Bianchi is charged with using “personnel, equipment and McHenry County funds for political purposes included, but not limited to,
  • ordering and purchasing campaign items,
  • drafting political correspondence, political memoranda, political announcements, political invitations, political address lists, political speeches and media election inquiry responses

by State’s Attorney’s Office employees during public working hours on County property.

  • Bianchi is also charged with causing fellow defendant Joyce Synek and others “to use County property to
  • prepare for,
  • organize and track fundraising invitations,
  • send fundraising thank you correspondence,
  • maintain memoranda of campaign endorsements,
  • distribute campaign petitions and petition circulation instructions,
  • revise and maintain political address contact lists,
  • maintain lists of campaign volunteer workers,
  • maintain lists of campaign sign locations, and
  • maintain records of fundraising for Bianchi’s annual August political fundraiser ‘Fiesta Italiana’ for each of the years 2005 through 2010.”

From 2005 through July, 2006, Bianchi is accused to causing his secretary, Amy Dalby, to type, revise and maintain

  • political memoranda
  • political correspondence and
  • address lists

on her County computer.

Fiesta Italiana was held at the Bull Valley Country Club last month.

The State’s Attorney is charged with allowing staff members “to leave their County offices during public working hours to attend Campaign Committee Meetings in Crystal Lake, ‘Fiesta Italian’ fundraisers at various locations and other political functions.”

Lou Bianchi at McHenry's Business Expo.

The conspiracy count says Bianchi awarded “compensatory time and a half for marching in public parades during 2006 and for participating in community expos from 2006 through 2010 where both legitimate community awareness and political campaign purposes were undertaken by the participants.”

Office manager meetings were used “for both legitimate State’s Attorney’s work and to discuss and make decisions to benefit and manage his political position and campaign needs.”

Dan Regna

Though not mentioned by name, 2008 Bianchi primary opponent Dan Regna’s demand for “a separation of public from political work by State’s Attorney’s employees, the conspirators on August 8, 2007, caused electronic political files on the Dalby/Synek County computer to be moved to a ‘JAS’ folder in a hidden computer folder.”  Regna also is the one who asked for a special prosecutor to be named.

Finally, both Bianchi and Synek are charged with “misrepresent(ing), conceal(ing) and hid(ing) and caus(ing) to be misrepresented, concealed and hidden, the acts done in furtherance of the conspiracy and the purposes of those acts.”

Synek is charged with four counts of perjury, basically, not telling the truth to the grand jury and one count of obstruction of justice for having “knowingly destroyed, altered, concealed and disguised physical evidence, or caused said destruction, alteration, concealment and disguise of the ‘Buddy’ folder of electronic documents maintained on her State’s Attorney’s Office County computer.”

When asked for his comment, Dalby’s attorney Wes Pribla said,

“It appears that Amy Dalby did what she should have done and the good thing about our legal system is that Mr. Bianchi will have the opportunity to be tried before twelve of his peers to determine his guilt or innocence.”

If you want to know what’s happening politically, I would suggest reading

Republicans at War

For information about the Fiesta Italiana look here and here.

The list of grand jury witnesses are here.

The next payment to Special Prosecutor Skip Tonigan and consultants can be found here.


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  1. And who will step up from the gang to run for States attorney?

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