Bean’s Support for Tax Cuts (Maybe) for the Wealthy Doesn’t Make the Local Newspapers

Trying to distance herself from Obama and liberal politics on something, anything, liberal Democrat Melissa Bean has decided to support tax cuts for the wealthy.

Melissa Bean campaigning at the Johnsburge Saufen und Spiel Parade.

Well, maybe, but temporarily.

I couldn’t find anything in the Daily Herald or the Northwest Herald about this.

After taking millions of dollars in political cash from special interest groups, Bean needs at least one thing she can point to that is different than what Obama wants.

As a practical matter Bean’s position is meaningless as Democrats in the House have a huge majority.

Bean good buddy Democratic Party Speaker Nancy Pelosi (who held a fund raiser for her in San Francisco) probably released Bean from having to take a liberal Dem position on the issue.

Bean was one of a whopping four House Dems who wrote a draft letter, as opposed to a real, final version letter.

Apparently if Bean wants to change her mind she can say she never wrote a letter because it was only a “draft.”

It takes a slinky like political backbone to go public with a “draft” letter on whether some Americans should receive large tax increases starting January 1st.

You can bet Bean will point out this meaningless draft to newspaper editors.

With only three other House Dems signing on, Bean will use this as an example for how she stands up to the Dem leadership and builds consensus.

A consensus of only three other House Dems isn’t much to peacock around about. In a way it’s humorous in a pathetic politics sort of way.

I put “Tax Cuts (Maybe)” in the headline because, after all, it is only a “draft” letter by Bean, subject to complete reversal, of course.

The original information was gleaned from this CNN story.

The “maybe” draft-letter about tax cuts that Bean might be for (or might not be for) are only on a temporary and not a permanent basis.

It may not surprise you that Bean’s draft letter isn’t up on her campaign web site.

That’s the one that doesn’t list any public appearances, but lets one ask for a meeting.

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