Lou Bianchi’s Indictment Stimulates Zane Seipler to Go After Equal Protection Under the Law on His Blog

Sheriff Keith Nygren’s Republican primary election opponent Zane Seipler may have become more of a thorn in the Sheriff’s side since the election than he was before.

One of his tools is called McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Exposed.

It’s becoming a must read for those interested in the Sheriff’s race.

Seipler has been looking at Skip Tonigan’s grand jury indictment of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi and he finds it a “can’t stop laughing”  read, considering what he has found out about how Nygren spends tax dollars.

He cites Count 5, which addresses use of county resources in parades.

“It was further a part of the conspiracy that defendant Louis A. Bianchi awarded State’s Attorney’s Office personnel compensatory time and a half for marching in public parades during 2006 and for participating in community expos from 2006 through 2010 where both legitimate community awareness and political campaign purposes were undertaken by the participants.  That is, for each one hour worked, the State’s Attorney’s Office employee was granted one and one-half hours of County paid comp time.”

Through Freedom of Information Requests, Seipler obtained an overtime request for 7 hours by Bryan Krause for the Algonquin parade on August 28, 2007.

Seipler’s only comment is “Look at these.”

Approved overtime request for Bryan Krause for working at the 2007 Algonquin Founders Day Parade. Click to enlarge any image.

He then shows a couple of photos of Nygren being driven in parades.

Keith Nygren at this year's Algonquin Founders Day Parade.

In an earlier post Seipler reports that his request for a Special Prosecutor to look into Nygren’s use of tax dollars to advance his political career will be in court on September 28th.

During the 2008 campaign for State’s Attorney, Bianchi was criticized for buying parade candy from his office budget.  At the time other politicians, such as Nygren, pointed out that they paid for such candy out of their campaign budgets.

As you can see in yesterday’s article about the Johnsburg parade, candy was being thrown from the Sheriff’s convertible.

I would assume the Sheriff paid for it out of campaign funds.

The next question, I guess, is will the driver be paid with tax dollars?

If so, which is it?

An official appearance or a campaign appearance?

Or both?

What would Special Prosecutor Skip Tonigan say?


Lou Bianchi’s Indictment Stimulates Zane Seipler to Go After Equal Protection Under the Law on His Blog — 24 Comments

  1. So we are back to Zane’s claim that policemen and firefighters should be forced to donate time to ride in parades?

    Or are we saying that the county mechanics don’t deserve pay to maintain, clean, transport County vehicles to and from parades?

    For Police Departments and Fire Departments there is legitimate reasons for pay going to individuals for parades. Either that our you are going to have to explain to alot of kids why there are no more fire trucks and police vehicles in the parades.

    Now if the State’s attorney had some of his own squad cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, MARV units, ambulances, and fire trucks then I could see where this is an apples to apples argument.

    Sometimes some common sense has to enter in to the political debate.

  2. I mean come on 7 hours for the county’s mechanic to prep, clean, transport all the various county vehicles before and after a parade seems reasonable. What legitimate county work would an ASA have in the same vein?

  3. Are police and firefighters elected officials???

    Didnt think so curious.

    Nygren is not a fireman and no longer a policeman, but a politician.

    Nygren does NOT OWN the squad cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, marv unit or ambulances.

    I do, the taxpayer!

    What a poor attempt to incite an emotional response from the readers, “OH NO, Seipler’s trying to stop police vehicles and fire trucks from being in parades.”


    Why doesnt marge drive him around (promoting his political career) and save the taxpayers hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year?

    Has anyone ever asked fireman or police officers to volunteer in parades?

    Ive seen that in other places.

    Don’t compare them, not the same thing.

    In case you havent been keeping up the news, it is illegal to use your office for political gain.

  4. RXS…

    Thanks, RXS! You made my exact point…the squad cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, marv units, ambulances, fire trucks…are taxpayer property.

    If we want them in parades it is completely reasonable to pay a public employed maintenance person 7 hours on the day of the parade to maintain, clean, prep, tow, transport, store, etc… before and after said parade.

    Are you really saying there is no work involved maintaining, prepping, moving, restoring these taxpayer owned vehicles before and after the parades? You don’t think all those vehicles with lights and sirens at the local parades just magically take care of themselves do you?

    Or are you saying that mechanic being paid for that work exempts him legally from doing anything else during the rest of that day?

  5. just curious, good job at damage control. We all know that you and the other guy, can’t remember his sign on name right now, do this every time a blog or news article is anti-Sheriff Nygren or could be construed that way.

    But, you also know that what you are writing is not true. The maintenance on the vehicles in question is not done on the day of the parade and the officers driving these vehicles pick them up and put them away. But you already know that. You are a loyal employee to your boss and that is to be commended.

    Just know that it is apparent to all who reads these blogs and articles that we expect you to come up with something.

    If your boss was videotaped having relations with a goat, we would expect you to say he was taking its temperature. Anyway, good job on your disingenuous post.

  6. Sorry Richard…Don’t work for any government agency let alone the Sheriff.

    If there is no work done on the day of the parade to prep and maintain the vehicles with so many differing pieces of equipment it would be some kind of miracle. My past experience is with Fire Equipment and 7 hours on the day of the parade by only one guy would probably take care of one piece of equipment properly.

    I’m also always entertained by the “you are too consistent” crowd who claim because you are all to often on the other side of the argument from them that you must have some hidden agenda that they off course could not have because they are as pure as the driven snow. It is the weakest of all arguments. Only to be compared by the people who criticize others for posting on an article by posting on an article.

  7. Either way not a big fan of questioning other peoples intent…prefer to focus on debate of the content of their message and not using a crystal ball to try to discern their intent…Again, assuming to know the other persons intent or claiming to know who they are when you obviously don’t is just another debate tool of the weak minded…

  8. Careful what you wish for there Richard!! Lots of “goats” in McHenry County! Specially in that there Hebron region. Dope, Goats and Cows… even some ‘Farm Animials’ too!

    But Hey, with all the stuff coming out, one never knows???? “Baaaa, Baaa!!” That there is a “Sheep….? No, that’s my DaaaaaaaaaaaaaaD!!

  9. Curious you best hope Zane doesn’t get that special prosecutor. Cause if they confiscate the sheriff’s computers I imagine they will find out who you guys really are. The clock is ticking and the walls are starting to crumble. Soon all you guys in the club will find out your times up. My question is are you willing to take the fall for your boss? Tick Tock Tick Tock

  10. just curious, let me assure you there is no maintenance for these vehicles parade day. Seeing as you say you have no experience with these vehicles, your lack of knowledge is to be understood.

  11. Patrick, ‘JustCurious’ won’t have that far to ‘fall.’ She/He is already on ‘his/her’ KNEES!!!

  12. I suppose with the Bianchi bunch get stuck on facts they either have to make up facts to attack a poster or result to some in your face Sexual related put downs…. Kind of like when some of you Bianchi guys were calling Mrs. Nygren “Miss Piggy”, all class…

    Once again you state an untruth as “fact”. Face it when you resort to posting things you can’t even possibly know as fact it really is a desperation move.

    If you guys honestly think taking nearly a dozen specialty vehicles (many of which are not used on a daily basis) requires absolutely zero prep work, maintainence, or after care we are simply going to have to agree to disagree. I will stake my chances that most reasonable people would recognize some time is needed for those responsibilities.

  13. So the Bianchi bullies are back to claiming unknowns as facts and using sexual references as put downs. With that kind of arrogance and lack of basic decency it is amazing it took this long for a couple of them to be indicted.

  14. Rukidding just get off your shift?

    You won’t have to look far to find someone who lacks basic decency just look in your bosses office.

    Keith Nygren is the poster child for the decency deprived.

    It is shamefull that you and your partner have no opinions of your own.

    If you did you would see his blatant contempt for the rules and regulations that are there for all or us to play by.

    Again once the special prosecutor is appointed I’m sure the smell of burning plastic and paper will be emanating from the sheriff’s office.

    What I really want to know is what does he have on the Attorney General that keeps her from doing her sworn duty.

  15. Ohhh…That’s classic the “no opinions of your own” attack. The secret tool of the holier than thou crowd that think they only way a person could possibly disagree with someone as perfect as them is by being forced to by some high evil power.

    Can’t you Bianchi Bullies stick to the facts and stop all the personal attacks on any poster with differing views? Very Saul Alinsky of you. Kind of like no matter what Obama gets hit with he blames Bush and refuses to talk simple facts like the Democrats having complete control of the legislature for nearly half a decade.

  16. Great red herring typical response blame Obama.

    My God man do you think everyone is as ignorant as you. Most of us are much smarter than to jump off the subject and start a discussion on Obama.

    The only bullies here are the Nygren minions. Don’t do what the boss says lose the heat in your car. Still not listening lose your job on some trumped up charges.

    It took some time but Serpico finally blew the doors off New York’s police corruption. Zane just may be our Serpico. After all that’s what this article is actually about. Not Obama you numb skull. Keep trying though I’m sure those computers will tell a wonderful story to the special prosecutor.

  17. Actually a good point…about my throwing in the Obama line…

    I start down that slippery slope and next thing you know I will bringing up something out of left field about Frank Serpico…or perhaps acting like one of the Bianchi Bullies and throwing out some sexual based insults…or even looking into a magical crystal ball to claim as fact what some anonymous poster does for a living even though I could not possibly know and am actually factually wrong…or perhaps I would break out some grade school name calling like “numb skull”…

    Nope don’t want to start down that slippery slope so I will simply admit “good point on the obama line”

    To get back on topic before the name calling, do you in the anti sheriff department crowd really believe that there would be absolutely no preparation or after care maintenance involving all those trailers and law enforcement specialty equipment being dragged out for parades? Absolutely none at all? That just seem silly.

  18. Patrick. McHenry County already has its Frank Serpico and her name is Amy Dalby. A lowly secretary brings down McHenry County’s most powerful government official, State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, for political corruption.

  19. Earth Father by no stretch of the imagination is Amy that important.

    There my or may not be some questionable campaign issues.

    But corruption No.

    If I worked for you for an entire year and billed you well over $110,000.00 I better have something to show for it. And didn’t we learn, from the Blogo trial about trumped up charges in an indictment.

    No the real corruption is in your bosses office.

    This is a man who fires people at will, deals with people of questionable character, takes campaign money from people who do business with his office, pays campaign workers with county money, spends most of his time in other states, and is the major player in the Al Jordan good old boy club.

    Unfortunately you don’t seem to be able to see the forest thru the trees.

    That is real corruption and it will all come out when the special prosecutor is appointed, that is if the judge isn’t a card carrying member of the good old boy’s club, or should we just call the “posse” like the plate holders say.

  20. See the problem Patrick is with the whole “there may or may not be questionable campaign issues” statement followed by the “no corruption” comment.

    Unless the former FBI agents that have actually viewed the physical evidence are lying then it sure looks like the questionable campaign issues involve repeated public statements by the States attorney about multiple felony charges having been lies. I think most people would consider that corruption in any definition.

    The computer files themselves will simply be factual, they can not deceive. They will be made public in the trial and we will all once and for all know for sure if Bianchi or Dalby were lying. I know where the smart money is.

  21. …how many parades are there in McHCo in a year?

    This seems not only like apples and oranges but a bogus tempest in a teapot…really desperate.

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