No McHenry County Church Fee Waivers Found

You may remember that I ran a story last week about the Islamic Center of McHenry County requesting a fee waiver from the County Board and said I was going to inquire about whether churches have received similar waivers.

Here’s the reply I got today from the county’s John Labaj:

I have checked with numerous County Departments that are involved in permitting services and/or that have fees charged for their services.  All Departments report that they do not have any documents or information granting the waiver of fees for churches in McHenry County.

Planning and Development reports that it has received a request to waive a permit fee from the Islamic Center of McHenry County.  That request is scheduled to be heard at the Sept. 15th Planning and Development Committee meeting.  More information on that fee waiver request can be found on the County’s web site under County meetings.


No McHenry County Church Fee Waivers Found — 1 Comment

  1. Check with Harvard.

    They waived fees for construction at the Presbyterian, Trinity Lutheran and St. Paul’s Lutheran after their fire.

    Despite laying off employees, they waive fees regularly for park use and building permits

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