Will Lou Bianchi Blow the Whistle at More Than Parades?

McHenry County State's Attorney blowing whistle in Crystal Lake's Independence Day Parade.

I first noticed that McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi blowing a police whistle at Crystal Lake’s 4th of July Parade.

It got people’s attention, but seemed annoying.

I wondered why he was doing it.

I mentioned that he blew a whistle in my article on the Johnsburg Saufen und Spiel Parade and someone using the name “SayItAintSo” wrote the following in the comment section:

“I believe Lou is sending a clear message!

“’Blowing the Whistle’ finally!

“Should be very interesting to see who all comes tumbling out of the closets?”

“Blowing the whistle,” as in revealing what one knows that is illegal.

As in a State’s Attorney who is a whistleblower.

Could Bianchi have been offering a hint at parades of what he would do if he finds himself unable to escape from Special Prosecutor Skip Tonigan’s indictment charges, which are mainly about using official resources to advance his political career?

If so, who might be in his sights?

Remember “who” in this instance can be either singular or plural.


Will Lou Bianchi Blow the Whistle at More Than Parades? — 15 Comments

  1. OMG, are you serious? If he knows of “illegal” activty, it is his job to investigate and prosecute. Suddenly, he knows of illegal activity that he is willing to “blow the whistle” on? Are you nuts? He is the State’s Attorney for goodness sakes. He should have “come forward” a long time ago. If he now comes forward with evidence of past political wrongdoing of others, then he is just that much more guilty himself for ignoring such evidence himself when it was politically convenient. Oh, but now that I am going down, maybe I can “expose” others if they don’t back off. Sounds like Ronnie S. Thuggery 101. Disgusting!!!! Cal, thanks for bringing this information to our attention. Hopefully, the special prosecutopr will see this!

  2. You mean like Michael Cooper that works for Nygren. Had possession of the Dalby flash drive for a year then “looses” it when it was supposed to be given to the State Police. Who is investigating that???? Someone with a lot of computer knowledge messing around??? Cooper, Regna’s campaign mgr. Isn’t Regna an “officer of the court”. Your pathetic.

  3. You have to admit the idea of a States Attorney suddenly deciding to blow the whistle on illegal activity only to save himself from corruption charges would kind of prove the point that his critics have tried to make.

  4. I don’t believe anyone said he did? I was just commenting on “the idea” that he maybe sending that signal that some have referred to and Cal blogged about above the comments we are making. It pays to read the article you are commenting on first 😉

  5. Earth Father your statements are profound. Stay tuned, Nygren and the supervisors working for him know somethings too.

    Their biggest problem is that they know, that I know, they know.

    I can prove they know, what I know, they know, that you will know, when certain people in the know say it’s time to know.

    I just wish I could let you know, what I know but that would be a big NO-NO.

    Soon, you know?

    (“Ronnie S. Thuggery 101”, that’s funny. Not in an I agree, funny way, more of an ironic coming from a Nygren supporter, funny way.)

  6. Blowing the whistle? It seems to me that Lou didn’t need to worry. He beat his latest challenger but unfortunately allowed the people below him to distort his vision and office integrity. If people remember, Keith Nygren openly supported Lou Bianchi during his first campaign. Once in office some of Bianchi’s office advisors perverted his thinking. Somehow they hoodwinked Bianchi and he bought into their own personal hatred for Nygren and the MCSO. Blinded by misguided political fear, Lou then failed at his basic constitutional job which is Attorney for the County. He allowed his office to subvert good prosecutorial oversight in lieu of some mistaken personal political gain. While doing so he lost the confidence of the local law enforcement community.

    It is actually sad that a man accomplishing so much over his life stooped down and allowed a select few people to manipulate him. Surrounding himself with people with their own agendas became his downfall. He was the figurehead of his office. His name adorns the office walls. His office made some horrendously poor decisions which were not made based upon law, but rather were based upon some form of retribution. Those decisions whether his or not, rested solely in his lap.

    I hope that Lou reflects upon the past and if he is going to “blow the whistle”, thinks seriously first of the people that manipulated him.

  7. Nygren supported Lou the time around because he put his finger to the wind and knew Gable was a loser. Needed a “clean suit” after the mess Pack left behind.

  8. Earth Mama. Cal suggested that Lou had info that he may blow the whistle on, not me.

    Lou’s secret hand-picked special prosecutor did investigate Amy Dalby, Mike Cooper and Kristen Foley. During that investigation, apparently, the special prosecutor exonerated Cooper and Foley because they were never charged by Bianchi’s hand-picked prosecutor. Only Dalby was charged and you know the rest. Not sure why you and Zane keep demanding an investigation of Cooper, that already happened.

  9. Cooper and anyone that had knowledge of the flash drive and possession should have been investigated. They had knowledge of a “crime” and did nothing. People get fired from the SO’ s office for far less and others that commit very disturbing offenses, get off. Nygren should have had Cooper and the “other companion” from the SO’ office investigated and not internally. Be what Zane calls a DO BOY” and you get away with anything. You know this VERY WELL.
    You are not worth my time any more. People see through you.

  10. Readers, go to http://woodstockadvocate.blogspot.com/ and read the article titled
    “What if Tonigan investigated the MDSD”. It will give you a good idea of what goes on in Nygren’s world.
    And for those of you who think that the author is a “crack pot” – the truth is the truth.

  11. “The truth is the truth”…?

    I find no fault in Gus’s piece but it is an opinion piece that ask a question not a statement of truth about know facts.

  12. But back to the actual article people are posting on here:

    “Will Lou Bianchi Blow the Whistle at More Than Parades?”

    I think the point is if he does, then he failed to do his job in the first place.

  13. Earth Mom. Do you understand that Cooper was investigated by Special Prosecutor O Connor and the Illinois State Police?

    Do you realize that the State Police tried to wiretap him? Do you know that he testified in court?

    Do you realize that there was no evidence that Cooper committed a crime? Do you that failing to report a crime is not a crime?

    Cooper learned about Lou’s political corruption…that is not a crime.

    Since Cooper was already investigated and exonerated, not sure why you keep calling for him to be investigated?

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