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Paid for by a new group, Fact Check Illinois, this billboard about where Jack Franks gets a lot of his money is just south of Woodstock Harley-Davidson.

This is the first negative publicity that Democratic Party State Representative Jack Franks has gotten in a long time.

And, it’s based on how much money he has taken from lawyers, lobbyists and labor unions. Yesterday, McHenry County Blog listed special interests on the 2010 Host Committee for his October fund raiser. Most of them were unions.

The group sponsoring the billboard is called “Fact Check Illinois,” heretofore unknown.

The information on the billboard comes from


Message of the Day – A Billboard — 10 Comments

  1. It’s about time someone have the gall to talk about the 10,000 pound donkey in the room.

  2. I supported him for a long time…that ended last year when Representative Franks decided the Second Amendment and Parental Notification didn’t mean anything to all of us anymore.

  3. Thats his new Campaign slogon.

    You notice it doesn’t say he’s for education and Seniors and the working class.

    Its all about the money.

    He doesn’t care about jobs around here the Factories keep leaving and none are moving in. Why is that?

    I believe our Representatives have left the building.

    Including those at the County Board.

    Lets see Motorola, Intermatic, LTI in Rochmond and I counted 5 more in Spring Grove but if you go to the Spring Grove website you see that McDonalds is coming.

    Great wages really?

    Lets see the people who are suppose to be watching the chickens are really the wolves! Kind of makes you wonder who did you vote for.

  4. Unless Jack Franks was part of the senior management team at Motorola, there would have been little he could have done to keep Motorola in McHenry County. When a company lays off more than half of its staff world-wide, they tend to close plants.

    Motorola’s Harvard plant was a boondoggle, and never should have been built in the first place.

  5. Too bad he can’t become a candidate for Mayor of Chicago.

  6. Am I mistaken? Isn’t this the billboard that has a Nygren ad on top? Nygren is a Franks supporter. I find it humorous.

    Regarding Motorola, Jack – Motorola could not get their engineers to leave Northbrook and other up scale suburbs to move to Woodstock or Harvard. The Harvard mayor, Bill LeFew, offered much and delivered little. The schools could not compete along with many other amenities.

  7. Franks has made a ton of money for himself for the last twelve years bringing in money to his law firm by being a “legislator” in Springfield.

    He gladly votes for how the union bosses tell him to in order to keep the money rolling in.

  8. Dang right! Jack Franks is an eyesore, and he deserved to be ridiculed and lambasted for his shenanigans in state government.

    Our government is an abysmal failure, and Franks is directly part of that legacy. Our government is #30 in business tax climate, and we’re on the way down the list (we’re beat out by Michigan! MICHIGAN!) (Source: Tax Foundation).

    Business leaders don’t like doing business in Illinois, ranking 46 in the US among CEOs asked to rank their preferences (which has a LOT to do with branch/corporate placement for large conglomerates) (Source: Crain’s).

    Point is, Franks has directly contributed to the the government largesse, and he ensures that power will be held with the largess of trial lawyers (who drive up insurance rates), big labor (who drive up labor costs astronomically), and lobbyists (who drive up the cost of government with corrupt practices).

    He needs to go, and it’s great to see people stand up to say that!

  9. This is merely symptomatic of a larger problem.

    Mr. Nygren’s political pragmatism is not the issue. Neither is the support the attorney’s show to one of their own. And neither is the overall economy the problem of one small state politician from Marengo, Illinois.

    The problem stems from the faith the founding fathers had in each citizen to take their responsibilities seriously. The people who comment here are active, aware and vocal.

    Where are you in the street?

    How are you educating your brothers and sisters each and every day to get involved or the rights they enjoy will be stripped by the Jack Franks’ of the nation in the dark of night under cover from powerful and wealthy lobbyists?

    This sign is the greatest symbol of true grit and freedom I have seen in McHenry County in twenty years.

    Keep it up.

  10. If you follow the money trail, you’ll find out who benefits from the election of a candidate. I’m glad this information is finally getting out.

    The voters need to know that lawyers and labor union bosses benefit from the election of Jack Franks.

    He fails to represent the good folks of McHenry County.

    Jack Franks is part of the Chicago machine style politics that have trashed this state. We need to stop pretending.

    A vote for Jack Franks is really a vote to keep Mike Madigan as speaker of the Illinois House, and look where that got us.

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