Public Defenders’ Fax Machine Used to Send Bianchi Indictment to Daily Herald Before Filing

Into my possession today came what you see below:

I’ve just copied the first and last pages of the document, which is a copy of the indictment of McHenry County State’s Attorney before it was filed with the McHenry County Circuit Clerk’s Office.

So what?

This appeared on the Daily Herald web site and was printed off before the fax line was eliminated.

The fax line says,

Sep. 10 2010 2:39 PM McHENRY COUNTY PUBLIC DEFENDER No. 8882 p. 1

Compare this with what I received from the Circuit Clerk’s Office later in the afternoon:

So, how did the Public Defenders Office get a copy of the indictment before it was filed with the Circuit’s Clerk’s Office?

Public Defender Mark G. Cook did not return my call Wednesday.

Maybe he will today.


Public Defenders’ Fax Machine Used to Send Bianchi Indictment to Daily Herald Before Filing — 11 Comments

  1. OMG – the public defender fax machine was actually used. Please dear lord say it ain’t so.

  2. Earth father, you idiot. Using the county fax for one thing and that it was done BEFORE filing. This is a bad offense. Someone’s head should roll. Could even be illegal. This is what is called a leak and a BAD one.

  3. If all is as it is stated in the indictment, is SA Bianchi guilty if he doesn’t agree with the law?

    The answer should be obvious, however, if he and his staff didn’t find anyone or any other entity guilty of stepping over the line or punishable (because they couldn’t see where that person or entity did anything illegal) doesn’t doing it himself just mean equal application of the law and that he is being unfairly singled out and picked on?

    I’d like to know if anyone/any entity, in this big county which is full of school referendums, candidates running for office, etc. – has ever been pursued after info was brought to the attention of the State’s Atty. Office.

    Is there a place to electronically search for these types of charges and find out the “other” cases/circumstances?

    It would be a chuckle if 1. there weren’t any , if they were 2. deemed early on as not crimes, 3. and so on.

  4. Earth Mamma, another “sinister” plot at the courthouse?

    A cabal of defesne attorneys, plotting political enemies, scheming judges, ungrateful police officers, disloyal SA employees, disgruntled former employees….now that evil public defender conspiring against Lou. You are kidding, right.

    A newspaper reporter faxes his material from a county fax to his newspaper, so what.

    The public defender’s office is not an elected political position.

    According to news articles, the special prosecutor issued a press release to the newspapers.

    So, maybe he attached an unsigned draft copy of the indictment to it when he issued the press release. Big deal.

    It is a public document, what’s your beef, EM….I am not seeing it.

  5. Once again, idiot. It was NOT filed yet. There is a process – this was a secret grand jury. Notice the judge had not signed it yet. The chain of custody was broken. Should not have been seen until sworn in and signed by the judge and filed.
    BIG ISSUE no matter how you want to spin it. Someone is in big trouble.
    It was NOT YET A PUBLIC DOCUMENT. This is a process to prevent tampering.
    Go to law school earth f.

  6. Oops, earth mother you may want to catch up on facts…You probably should not have been quite so condescending. Really makes you look foolish. To update you extra copies were handed out to the press after the hearing that were not signed. The reporter then borrowed a fax to send it.

    Sad thing is someone probably set someone up knowing they would rush out with a knee jerk reaction…and they were simply predictable in claiming things as fact that they did not actually know.

  7. Either way to call someone and “idiot” and then end up being the one wrong on the facts…OUCH….

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