Grafton Township Trustees Outspend Supervisor 4 to 1

With Judge Michael Caldwell’s decision on the Grafton Township separate of power suit due to be announced Monday morning, it seems appropriate to take a look at what the dispute has cost Grafton Township taxpayers in legal fees.

The principals in the suit are shown left to right: Trustee Gerry McMahon, Trustee Barbara Murphy, Trustee Betty Zirk (standing), Supervisor Linda Moore and Trustee Rob LaPorta.

Ancel Glink, the law firm for the Grafton Township Trustees, billed $130,296.98 from April through August.

Specifically, the billings were

  • April – $18,50.75
  • May – $26,373.75
  • June – $51,738.75
  • July – $26,072.50
  • August – $7,611.25

The other side of the dispute billed $32,013.60.

John M. Nelson, the Rockford attorney who represented Township Supervisor Linda Moore is asking for $26,953.60.

He replaced Richard Cowan, who is Barrington Township’s attorney, but officed in Chicago. His bill is $5,060.

So $32,000 for one side, $130,000 for the other.

The township supervisor was outspent over 4 to 1.


Grafton Township Trustees Outspend Supervisor 4 to 1 — 9 Comments

  1. And what would the legal bills be if Linda actually did her job instead of filing frivolous lawsuits that the taxpayers have to pay for? Who will pay John Nelson’s $26,953.60? Who is solely responsible for causing this charge?

    If you are trying to convince me that Linda’s lawsuit is a bargain, you can forget it

  2. Cal, why no report about Grafton CEO/CFO Linda Moore FAILING to secure grant money for Grafton’s senior bus program? Linda let this $$$ slip through her fingers. I know you are so busy Cal . . . checking to see if Sally Wiggins is wearing heels.

  3. Sprat: If it was a “frivolous” lawsuit then the trustees would have made a motion to dismiss the action on that basis. It obviously is not frivolous even though you may want spendaholic trustees to keep on spending.

    Pam Fender had one qualification the trustees wanted: to do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted how they wanted. She wasn’t elected Supervisor.

    We had an election and Moore was elected Supervisor. This should have been the end of the story.

  4. The trustees wouldn’t have had to spend any money at all had their beloved supervisor not sued them!!!! Why not mention that???

  5. Yea Cal, where the heck are MORE photos of Sally in her ‘Heels?’ Much easier of the eye than other things posted. “Please, Please” bring Sally back!

    Actually Cal, I really liked Sally’s ‘boots!’ WHOA!

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