Durbin Blunders by Admitting No Dem Plan to Reduce Unemployment Under 9 Percent

Dick Durbin

Democrats don’t have a plan or a timetable for getting unemployment under 9 percent.

Talk about sticking one’s foot in one’s mouth.

What a huge political blunder!

The Daily Herald has Durbin quoted saying:

“Durbin, of Illinois, said he didn’t have a timetable for when economic factors, including job-growth measures passed by Congress, would push unemployment down from the current 9.6 percent rate to less than 9 percent.”

How long will it be before the national press jumps on Durbin’s blunder?

The article is here on the Daily Herald.

Durbin doesn’t want Democrats to address spendalholic spending and the deficit before unemployment goes below 9 percent.

But Durbin is one of the most influential Democats in the whole country.

If Nevada’s Harry Reid bites the dust, Durbin could be the top Democrat.

Especially, if Republican Mark Kirk doesn’t win in Illinois.

Durbin made it clear he doesn’t have any idea of when the problem of deficit spending might be addressed.

In other words, Democrats don’t have a plan for reducing unemployment and, until a magic wand of some kind decreases it, the majority party plans on more spending and putting us deeper and deeper in debt.

At least Durbin spelled out what voting for any Dem stands for in the November election:
No plan to reduce unemployment under 9 percent

Stay the course of spending beyond what comes in

Rack up a higher mountain of debt

Thanks, Sen. Durbin, for making the Democrat plan or lack thereof crystal clear to voters.

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