McHenry County Refuses to Release Special Prosecutor’s Bill

That’s the letter I received denying me the right to see bills McHenry County Special Prosecutor Henry “Skip” Tonigan’s submitted to the County Board for payment.

I’m having difficulty understanding how using that part of the Freedom of Information Act granting an exemption because there is an on-going investigation is an adequate excuse for secrecy.

After all, the indictment has been issued and arrests made.


McHenry County Refuses to Release Special Prosecutor’s Bill — 5 Comments

  1. Ahh…fun playing with numbers. He obviously cherry picks the year 2000 because if for example he picked 2001 his argument wouldn’t work because crime would be down since 2001. Also cool to see how crime is trending down for 3 years in a row. His own numbers here show crime going down 3 years in a row and his argument is we should break the current trend? Really?

  2. Strange…my comment above was on an a story about a Mahon press release that is no longer here…

  3. This is a story about the Special Prosecutor’s billing. Can’t imagine what happened.

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