Message of the Day – An Electronic Sign

What you see above is the series of messages on the electronic sign on Route 47 in front of the McHenry County Treasurer’s Office.

They promote the Crystal Lake Animal Control facility, which, apparently, can provide not only pets, but rabies shots and electronic chips so that lost cats and dogs can be returned to their owners.

The contract number is 815-459-6222 or, if you want to speak to the woman who showed me the dog and cats below, call Kara Plonczynski at 815-334-4946.

This playful American Bulldog had knee operations, but is so playful.

A fifteen second video is what is really needed to show the energy his American bulldog has. An $80 adoption fee brings him home.

American bulldog playing with Kara Plonxynski.

And, now for the kitties.

There were four in the room I toured.

This satin black cat seems to be saying, "I'm too good for you."

While the black cat was still lying lazily in its carpet-lined log, this black and white one was on the move.

As the black and white cat sat looking at me, the brown tabby that was sharing its bed turned its head to see what all of the fuss was about.

The black and white cat knows what suckers we humans are for cats that brush against our legs. The black cat seems to realize it has been upstaged.

With all the camera clicking going on this feline decided it was time to wake up and see what was going on.


Message of the Day – An Electronic Sign — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for the pictures of the sign, and especially of the adoptable animals at McHenry County Animal Control’s Adoption Center. I gather from reading past posts that you don’t approve of MCAC’s building & location – but animal control facilities with good street traffic get many more animals adopted out compared to a rural location with little traffic.

    I honestly believe that a majority of the residents of our county would much prefer that MCAC adopt out these animals, rather than the much sadder alternative they would face in a less-visible, less-progressive facility.

    I hope if Keeley ever wants a feline (or canine) friend, you’ll consider adopting one from MCAC – there are many wonderful cats, kittens and dogs currently residing there that would make terrific companions!

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