Randy Hultgren Strikes Back

Apparently stung by charges levied in a television ad by his opponent Bill Foster, the incumbent Democratic Party congressman, challenger Randy Hultgren has issued the following statement:


Randy Hultgren

By now you may have seen the malicious and utterly false ads from my opponent, Democrat Congressman Bill Foster.

His allegations against me are not true.

Frankly, he is lying about my employment.

With his millions of campaign dollars, Bill Foster hopes he can fool you into believing a lie.

I do not and have not sold or benefited from the sale of toxic assets. I have not been involved in transactions with sub-prime mortgages or benefited from the massive government bailouts that Bill Foster has championed.

I was against government bailouts yesterday, I am against bailouts today, and I will be against government bailouts tomorrow.

The truth is, I am proud to work for a local company that’s providing investment advice to families and is employing many who reside here in our community.

So why is Bill Foster doing this?

Clearly he does not want this election to be about his record or about our values and vision for the future. He has made the decision to disregard his own constituents and has voted with Nancy Pelosi a mind-boggling 92.5 percent of the time!

Bill Foster is desperate to retain his seat in Congress. It did not take him long to adopt the Washington insider view that it’s ok to say and do anything to get reelected.  I hope Bill Foster will make an attempt to regain his integrity in the days that remain in this campaign, by focusing on the issues and his record.

Many of our neighbors are suffering in this recession. That suffering has been prolonged by Bill Foster’s job killing policies and reckless spending.

I believe the true priorities of this campaign are getting our friends, family and neighbors working again by creating an economic climate that encourages job creation. That’s what we ought to be talking about in this campaign, and that is what I intend to continue talking about.

Thank you for everything you’re doing, and for your ongoing support. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Best regards,

Candidate for Congress


Randy Hultgren Strikes Back — 5 Comments

  1. Liberal Dems will keep smearing other candidates until voters toss many Dems out of office in a huge way.

    Foster has no positive record to run on. It’s a distraction away from Foster’s votes for govm’t bailouts, wasteful spendaholic binging, tax hikes and Obamacare.

    The local papers hold Foster accountable for nothing.

  2. So Hultgren didn’t profit, but his financial services employer did? The Foster ad sure seems pretty much correct on the facts, unlike the Hultgren ad of last month confusing Representative Foster with a Jamaican politician, which was completely incorrect. The real mudslinging seems to be by Hultgren. Anyone who has spoken with Foster knows he is a thoughtful and intelligent representative for our district. He has a deep background in understanding the kinds of technologies that are crucial to our success as a country in the future, and his time in politics has been less than three years, so he is new blood. He is an intelligent representative who is not a lawyer, and is not beholden to the financial services that got us into the economic mess we find ourselves in.

  3. Foster isn’t correct on the facts at all. Hultgren’s employer didn’t profit either. His employee is a investment advisor that sells nothing but services. An investment advisor doesn’t sell toxic anything – they just manage money for others. Like the TALF fund mentioned in the ad – it is a Fed Bank of NY sponsored fund that invests in SBA loans.

    Really bad, isn’t it?

  4. Redwhiteandblue above sounds more like “hammer and sickle”.

    The Foster add is pure fabrication–you fell for it like you fell for the :”Yes we can”, and “Fundamentally changing America” Socialistic slogans.

    Mr. Foster voted FOR Obamacare–60% of Americans want it repealed. It will destroy the BEST healthcare quality in the world!

    Mr. Foster wants to raise taxes on small business owners in his own district! This alone will surely have a negative impact on the constituents of district #14–this is basic economics, not rocket science!! Go back to being a “scientist!!

    You’re in trouble, Mr. Foster, if you need Michelle Obama to come here and campaign here for you!!! Why don’t you just ask Barry?

  5. We saw two years ago how Foster likes to campaign – mean and nasty. It would appear as if it is all he has going for him.

    My vote is going to Randy Hultgren.

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