County Board Doesn’t Know Special Prosecutor’s Hourly Rate

McHenry County continues to stonewall on what Special Prosecutor Skip Tonigan is being paid.

Having been denied the bills that Tonigan submitted to the McHenry County Board for his investigation of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, I filed another Freedom of Information request asking,

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I request all documents that list the hourly rates of Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan and and anyone he has working for him, including consultants.

The reply has arrived. You can see it below:

Dear Mr. Skinner:

McHenry County Administration does not have the information you requested in your FOIA e-mail of September 24, 2010, therefore we cannot honor your request.

John W. Labaj
McHenry County Administration FOIA Officer

I was taught in school that we have three branches in government:

  • Legislative
  • Executive
  • Judicial

They are designed to create a system of checks and balances.

That is such a basic concept.

Wouldn’t you think the County Board would want to know what the taxpayers are being billed for?


County Board Doesn’t Know Special Prosecutor’s Hourly Rate — 7 Comments

  1. County Board member liberal Dem Jim Kennedy will vote for anything without asking such a basic question. You can count on “Spendalolic Jim” to rubber stamp anything but especially more spending. He even has a look of “[deleted by administrator].”

  2. Interestingly, the County Board was completely unaware of Special Prosecutor David O’Connor’s appointment to investigate Amy Dalby until 15 months later. The County Board was not aware of his hourly rate or total bill until after ordered to pay $68,000 by a judge. Not sure that the County Board was ever given an itemization. No one has released O’Connor’s itemized billing either. Cal, would be interesting for you to FOIA O’Connor’s bill and compare rates and work as well. In Tonnigan’s investigation, there has been far greater transparency of cost than O’Connor’s investigation.

  3. “You may want to know”, may actually want to look up voting records before he actually posts something. Jim Kennedy is a devoted family man, fiscal conservative and long time serving police officer for the Village of Elk Grove. He is respected by his peers on the Board and is a diabetes survivor who doesn’t drink alcohol because of his condition and health. I am surprised Cal would actually let this slander be posted on this sight. Sad – truly sad. Election year brings out the worst in alot of people, and I use that term losely. [It has been deleted.]

  4. You may want to know…… It takes a board of majority to vote on issues so Jims vote wouldn’t mean anything without the rest of them voting on it also. Jim is a very honorable man. I’ve known Jim for at least 4 years now and if the info was in front of him he would not vote for it. And with him being one of only 3 out of 24. Do you really think that if he voted against something it would make a difference when the majority votes for it.

    And you need to check Mr Bless because the last time I heard he is being investigated for unethical behavior by the state regulatory commission . I think he needs to step down.

  5. By Thirtyacre logic it doesn’t matter how Kennedy votes so why bother elect him? He hasn’t contributed a single significant idea that has been adopted by the board.

    If anyone remembers Kennedy’s racial depictions of Perry Moy and how they were dispicable, Kennedy is no honorble guy. Or only honorable to Dems who look the other way when a Dems plays the race card to win an election.

    Kennedy has been a do nothing who is on the board for more public money and a larger pension.

  6. Perry Moy had a problem paying his taxes – that is a race neutral issue. Voters don’t like it when you are a “succesful” business man and try to find a way to avoid paying your taxes and get caught.

    I get the sneaky feeling that “You may want to know” is either running for office or has an axe to grind. Either way your bias is showing.

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