Message of the Day – Volunteer

You can bring sunshine into a candiate's life by volunteering, just as this sunflower did.

All political candidates are looking for volunteers at this time in the election cycle.

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog showed you a photo of one working for Lori McConville for County Board. She’s the Democrat running against incumbent Barb Wheeler and former member Nick Provenzano, now staging a come back.

(If he and John Jung win, I guess I can call them retreads, as I labeled myself when I started my second eight-year stint in the Illinois House of Representatives in 1993.)

In any event, a friend of McHenry County Blog sent me this “volunteer sunflower.”

I was told the birds didn’t get its seed.  A further word about volunteering to those who went to TEA Party rallies in Crystal Lake, Algonquin and Lake in the Hills.

If you would spend the same amount of time helping

all of them could be defeated.

Of course, the opposite result could occur if those who willing to volunteer for their Democratic Party incumbents get out and work as Terry Kappel is.

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