Lori McConville’s County Board Literature

What you see below is the Lori McConville piece that Terry Kappel was passing out on West Crystal Lake Avenue on Sunday afternoon.

It is clearly designed to be a post card as well.

Her headline is

A New Voice
for McHenry County Board

Below is

We need government that serves all of us, not just some of us. As your representative I pledge to:

  • Being the citizen’s voice to the County Board.
  • Preserve the rural character of our communities.
  • Support transparency in local government.
  • Oppose pay raises for elected officials.
  • Encourage sustainable jobs to support efficient government.
  • Be active, informed and involved.

Let’s play for the future by living within our means today. Let your voice be heard by voting for me.

On the back, “The choice is clear” is superimposed over “A New Voice” at the top.

Click to enlarge any image.

Below you see

The future of McHenry County depends on your vote.

Democracy works best when all voices are heard, and that’s why I have decided to run for County Board. I want to make other opinions heard, making the citizen’s voice stronger at the county level. We don’t have to settle for the same old choices with the same old results. If you agree that we need a new voice on the McHenry County Board, please vote for me. Your vote really does matter.

Next comes


  • Nunda Township Planning Commission
  • Elementary Educator, District 47
  • Administrative Assistant for Philadelphia’s Girard Estate, an endowment for single-parent children
  • Boy and Girl Scout Leader and Committee Chair
  • McHenry County Environmental Defenders


  • Holding the County accountable to the principles of the 2030 Land Use Plan.
  • Promoting business development to bring high-quality, environmentally friendly jobs to McHenry County.
  • Work to protect our water supply and rural environment by opposing poor zoning decisions.
  • Most important of all, listening to you.

On the bottom in small print is

“I hope this card will help you cast an informed vote. If you have any questions, call 815-382-2731 or email lori.j.mcc@gmail.com.”


Lori McConville’s County Board Literature — 5 Comments

  1. Looks like Lori is a liberal who is now ashamed to say she’s a Democrat on her campaign literature. Lori is trying to play the Obama liberal fool-’em game by not saying what she really is.

    Treatment begins by first admitting “My name is Lori and I am a spendaholic liberal Democrat.”

    Cal, keep the lit coming so we can see how many let’s-fool-’em pretenders are running as Democrats.

  2. Republicans in McHenry County, complaining about someone else spending too much? What party has been in power in McHenry County?

    Unless your property taxes are lower then the rest of our citizens, maybe a few extra Democrats on the county board would be a good addition to provide a check against the Good Ole Boys in this county who spend money without any oversight and scrutiny from the Republican media, and Republican insider politicians.

    Or, maybe you think a county sheriff’s office owning and maintaining a tank is a good idea.

  3. The current County Board Members are fully accessible and available to the public.

    For this stealth democrat to not have a voice in McHenry County she would have to want a radical agenda.

    At this point I’ll be happy with a multi million dollar rainy day fund, responsible growth planning, a Sheriff’s department in the black and social services which are still able to function despite the State failing in their obligations.

    I’ll take this over Cook County’s attempt at disparaging my neighbors and friends while making a mad power grab to steal every last cent of our money for their own fiscally and morally bankrupt county.

  4. Has Ms. McConville taken the step to announce her resignation from her teaching position?

    I’m wondering, if she is elected, how she will be able to represent the District if she’s teaching in a classroom at the same time county board meetings are taking place.

  5. Of course, her literature ignores her two violations of state campaign finance laws within a six month period. The first she ignored, and was found guilty in absentia. She showed up at the second hearing and pleaded guility.

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