Massive Tax Cut on the Ballot in Massachusetts; Illinois Dems Won’t Allow Such Votes

Cutting the sales tax from 6.25% to 3% is actually on the ballot as a binding referendum in Massachusetts.

Such political reforms by the will of the people is something that Illinois Democrats have long vehemently opposed.

Whenever you hear a Dem or liberal say they are fighting for the working person, ask them why Illinois Democrats oppose statewide referendums.

Ask them why tax related referendums aren’t allowed in Chicago.

Illinois Democrats want to keep political power away from such direct democracy votes.

And, speaking of sales taxes, anyone interested in running for the Crystal Lake City Council could make a whole campaign out of collecting enough signatures to abolish the Home Rule power that allowed the council to increase the city’s share of the sales tax 75%.

Aaron Shepley

Cathy Ferguson

Ellen Brady Mueller

Brett Hopkins

Incumbents all–mayor and council members–up for re-election voted for hike. Here’s why.

Not a small amount of effort would be required. I’d guess 4,000 signatures would be needed to withstand a petition check by those who want to sales tax to be tied for the highest in McHenry County.

But it wouldn’t cost much.

And what a campaign it could be.


Massive Tax Cut on the Ballot in Massachusetts; Illinois Dems Won’t Allow Such Votes — 2 Comments

  1. Chicago “exported” its chosen ones to Washington’s White House. Now,

    they’re all scurrying home – one, by one, by one.

  2. The reason, is they aren’t real Democrats.

    They are posers.

    Because real Democrats are for the working people and protecting the Constitution.

    The people that are claiming to be are for unions and Companies.

    They are the ones that say companies are the same as a human, thats a crock.

    They are the same people who appoint people in jobs that aren’t qualified to do the jobs and wonder why there is waste.

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