“Come on, Melissa, Let’s Debate”

8th Congressional District GOP candidate Joe Walsh is up with a YouTube piece urging Democratic Party incumbent Melissa Bean to debate him the way she urged Phil Crane to debate her six years ago.

“You were right!” Walsh tells her in front of a line of citizens.

You can see the tenor of the pitch from the title you see in the biggest box below:

If the YouTube request for a debate above didn’t convince Melissa Bean not to debate, one of the Patriots United snippets of its Thanksgiving Week 8th District GOP candidates’ forum surely did.

If you want to see and listen to the pitch, you can do so below. If you do so, you’ll be able to see why Bean doesn’t want to debate Walsh


“Come on, Melissa, Let’s Debate” — 3 Comments

  1. Where are the “objective” journalists and editors using their power of the press to insist that Bean debate the issues with Walsh?

    They seem to act as enablers trying to keep liberal Dems in office.

  2. I went to Melissa Bean’s office in Schaumburg and filled out a written request to please take my phone number off her “robo call” list for telephone town hall meetings. It worked.

  3. Joe Walsh has accepted the invitation from the McHenry County Tea party to attend our Candidates Forum on October 11, 6:30 PM, McHenry County College Conference Center. We have not heard from Melissa Bean, yet.

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