Associate Judge Gordon Graham Holds Fund Raiser

Thursday night, Republican Party judicial candidate Gordon Graham held a fund raiser at D’Andrea’s.

One of the photos I took saw Judge Gordon Graham (on the right) talking to Tom Cynor, who works for the 22nd Judicial District as a research attorney, has been Chairman of the Demcoratic Party locally and ran for State's Attoney against Lou Bianchi.

There was a good crowd that appeared to have thinned out by the time I arrive after any speakers had had their say.

Several people asked if I knew who was taking pictures of everyone who entered the establishment. All I could say was that I didn’t see anyone taking photos when I arrived about 6:15.

Graham is facing off against Independent candidate Sally Wiggins in the General Election.


Associate Judge Gordon Graham Holds Fund Raiser — 10 Comments

  1. Who was taking picutes of everyone who entered?

    I’ll give you one guess…The photographers initials Start with an “F” and ends with some going to prison!

    This fund raiser was a grand opportunity to ‘capture’ more than money!

  2. Yes, vote for the lady who wanted to have a meeting so that she could MEET the lawyers in the county where she thinks she should be a judge, and has never practiced!! GOOOOOOOOOOOD choice

  3. AZ seems confused
    running for judge has many requirements
    none of which are practicing in the county
    Ms Wiggins has practiced cases in numerous states, in federal court no less
    That says much more than traffic tickets in county court
    she was born in Harvard
    where was the green guy born
    vote for the most qualified
    Vote Sally Oeffling Wiggins

  4. Jimmy Hoffa, the “mystery” photographer outside Judge Graham’s function also showed up at the Conceal Carry forum in Lakemoor where Sally Wiggins was present.

    Interestingly, the “F” was wearing a Wiggins campaign sticker. I guess no one is going to prison after all. LOL.

  5. Round 3. I don’t see how practicing federal law in different states qualifies Wiggins to be a state judge.

    Our local courthouses has very complicated areas of state law that Wiggins has never practiced…..divorce, criminal, and civil law.

    That is great that she has practiced patent law, except patent law is exclusive to federal law and not practiced at the county courthouse.

    Has she litigated any divorces or criminal felony cases?

    What about DUI’s?

    Maybe she has represented a juvenile in court?

    Her experience is irrelevant to the McHenry County courts.

  6. AZ couldn’t be any farther from confused-possibly those who’d vote for for an unknown to be promoted before any other sitting associate judges, whom already have experience in the courtroom, and this county.

    If those who’d vote for Sally believe that she will be replacing Judge Graham, as my Mother used to say, you have another think coming.

    Judge Graham isn’t going anywhere, win or loose; he STAYS a sitting Judge.

    Sally just becomes another judge like the one appointed by Justice “Football”.

    Good Luck with that!!

  7. several city, state and county violations have been documented
    these violators are people running for judicial and sheriff positions
    votes do not want law breakers in office
    these two individuals should have a higher standard or conduct
    once this information becomes news it will be to their demise

  8. I find it funny about Graham supporters who are so in lock step they are unwilling or are so blind as to look at other options.

    You forget Graham never tried a case before he was given his job.

    His divorce attorney sling mud at spouse experience made him ideal for a judge, right?

    He hold fund raisers with attorneys that will appear before him on the bench and he is not going to be influenced right?

    This is a good old boy network.

    Along comes a woman that does very detailed trial work against the best attorneys money can buy and she wins!

    The problem is she scares you so you must attack what you don’t understand or what you can’t control or influence.

    She has litigated real jury trials that last weeks with hundreds of exhibits and that have taken years to complete. That is real trial work.

    She is not taking money from McHenry C0. lawyers to remain independent.

    Attorneys, remember you can pretend to support Graham to keep him friendly to you but what you do completing your ballot is PRIVATE!

    One m ore thing to think about, you know all those government people supporting Graham as the same people that are bringing litigation to your clients.

    So who is he going to back?

    The good ole boys.

  9. the plot of good ole boys is heating up
    Graham appointed Tonigan as special prosecutor on Bianchi case
    fast forward to Mackinac
    enough said

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