Franks and Bean Skip 2nd Amendment Rally

What you see is the side of the agenda for the McHenry County Concealed Carry rally held Thursday night at the Operating Engineers Lakemoor Banquet Hall.

I see four candidates for Congress were present or representated.

From the 16th District, incumbent Republican Don Manzullo had a statement read by McHenry Right to Carry Association President Lou Rofrano.  Challenging Democrat George Galrapp spoke for himself.

In the 8th District, incumbent Democrat Melissa Bean was a no-show.  Republican Joe Walsh came in person and Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer had a statement read.

Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Sheriff Mike Mahon spoke early on.  Green Party candidate for Sheriff Gus Philpott was slotted in the middle.

Incumbent Republican Sheriff Keith Nygren is not listed on the agenda.  Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran had a statement read on his behalf, as did his Demcoratic Party opponent Doug Roberts.

For state representative, the southern McHenry County district now represented by Republican Mike Tryon saw him speaking for himself.  Challenging Democrat Robert Kaempfe sent a statement to read.

Incumbent Democrat Jack Franks was apparently a no-show, but his Republican opponent John O’Neill spoke.

A view from the back of the Lakemoor Banquet Hall.

Lake County’s State Senator Michael Bond is listed on the agenda.  His opponent, Suzi Schmidt, had a statement read.

The only statewide candidate on the agenda was Republican gubernatorial aspirant Bill Brady.  A statement was read on his behalf.

Nick Provenzano, seeking to return to the McHenry County Board, also spoke to the crowd.

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If you would like some facts about the effectiveness of the proposal after which the association is named, I would suggest reading the third edition of “More Guns, Less Crime” by John Lott.

For my review of the book, click here.


Franks and Bean Skip 2nd Amendment Rally — 6 Comments

  1. I see that Provenzano spoke, was County Board Member Barbara Wheeler at the event and did she speak, as well?

    She has very insightful and personal stories regarding conceal carry and the protection of women’s safety.

  2. “Republican Mike Tryon saw him speaking for himself”

    The more I watch Mike Tryon, the more I “Like Mike!” Rep. Mike seems to be hard at work ALL the time. Rep. Mike “Earns” his keep and is doing a fantastic job for McHenry County.

    “Oh where oh where is the “Hot Dog” Franks???

    Well done Rep. Mike Tryon. The “Hot Dog” could certainly learn much from you!

    Franks is a political “Pooper Scooper” walking behind everybody else with a ‘plastic doggie bag’ hoping to capitalize on anything he can.

    Get rid of the “Hot Dog” with fleas!!!

  3. John Lott’s book is good, if you like statistics.

    I recommend From Luby’s to the Legislature, by Suzanna Gratia Hupp. Be sure to read the last two pages!

    In fact, if Debby Franks read it, she would lean on Jack so hard that he would sponsor a concealed carry bill and fight for its passage!

  4. Right-on, David. Which is why we need to do everything we can to help John O’Neill win.

  5. Shawn, unfortunately that is not going to happen. Why? Because McHenry County has “Lost” its “Identity!”

    Lost, to money and lust for power. Therefore, the bizarre “Political Bed Hopping” currently going on, will continue at nausea.

    “UNLESS” true conservatives step up! But will they??? I highly doubt it.

  6. Personally, I will vote against any candidate who is FOR conceal carry.

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