Personal PAC County Board Endorsement – An Amplification

The post I ran about pro-abortion Personal PAC’s endorsements for the McHenry County Board was incomplete. Instead of going to the Personal PAC endorsement page, I relied on the eVote web site. It is clearly unreliable, as I guess I should have figured out when Independent candidate for judge Sally Wiggins’ name was missing from the its list of candidates to be on McHenry County Ballots.

There were more county board members than the two county board candidates I mentioned earlier who endorsed by Personal PAC.

The only incumbent endorsed is Tina Hill (R-Woodstock).

Non-incumbents gaining the pro-choice group’s nod are


Personal PAC County Board Endorsement – An Amplification — 5 Comments

  1. Cal…stop perpetuating the dumbing down of America. It is pro-choice, not pro-abortion.

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